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A Straw Poll on the Dial Centers

Posted By: Mav <web_tester226@yahoo.com>
Date: 6 June 2001, 20:31

We might as well try and collect our thoughts here. I know there's about 70,000 ways to go about this little puzzle right now, but I figure I'd set up a topic totally devoted to theories as to what the symbols in the centers of Dials 1-7 are -- and nothing more. I'm sure trying to figure out what the center symbols are will help us in some way down the line, and I get the feeling that they're probably integral to chipping away at the first layers of the puzzle and thus the initial attempts at cracking the lock.

It's also pretty consistent with the KISS principle too ; ). Seems easiest to find out what those central symbols are and work our way up from there.

It seems pretty settled that Dial #7 is 74.

Darius put forth the "1 in a hundred" theory for Dial #1, and it does seem to make sense.

I think, after looking at the original glyph graphic again, that Dial #2 is
45 5/7. A few people seem to be saying this.

Dial #3 looks like a direction to me -- east-south-east. Some people seem to be saying this.

Dial #4 under KISS looks like the alphanumeric code for 137 to me. Hamish's logic/theory that it's 137 has endless appeal in its simplicity : ).

Try as I might, I can only see the symbol "cf" or "compare" in Dial #5. Coincidentally, it might look like a somewhat strange "cp" too, but it apparently also can stand for "compare." Though I'm the only guy who's thinking that right now it seems ; ).

Dial #6 is still a mystery. But Chelsea might have hinted with the "bright glasses" that the c in Quadrant 2 of the center grid is the speed of light. The four tick marks in Quadrant 3, thanks to Miguel's 200% blow-up of the gif, now look to me like on-off switches, to which all 4 switches are "on" (or at least flipped upwards)...but I don't know what to make of the "less-than" looking symbol. It _does_ resemble Sumerian? for 10, but it's extremely small and hard to make out, and also, the four marks next to it don't look consistent with the Sumerian numer system. Lots of people seem to think that the "e" in Quadrant 4 is the 2.718... constant. Without more detail, I can't conclude that the curves in Dial #1 is the number 8. They do look suspiciously like graphs on a coordinate plane, though.

Other thoughts?


---Reminder: Center glyph symbol discussion only please. : )

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