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Posted By: Evil OttoDate: 4/30/03 11:48 a.m.

In Response To: Marathon Keychain (Gholsbane)

: I just saw Matt holding up a marathon keychain with two fingers on the
: webcam. I didn't manage to capture it but I may be able to get a hold of a
: capture soon. Fingers crossed.

Ah, the keychain-
By the 22nd, Matt was already in the midst of packing and moving. He'd just finished cleaning his closet at his place and discovered said keychain somewhere in the dark recesses of said closet. He brought it in and was showing it to Juan when he stopped me and said, "Hey Dave, ever see one of these?"

I'd seen a picture of one on Ebay, but I had always imagined thenm to be quarter-sized. This thing was beefy, like a stack of silver dollars. I joked that these things were going for a lot on ebay (halo dog tags just sold for $71). He chuckled and said the thought crossed his mind briefly, but it was worth much more as a momento. It showed up on the web cam shortly after.

So- seeing this picture sadly reminds me of Matt's last days here. Sigh. Okay, back to work. E3 approaches...

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