Any Wolfenstein 3D players around?
Posted By: DermudaDate: 9/20/21 3:32 p.m.

Hello all!

Sorry to make a post about Wolfenstein 3D, rather than Marathon! Iím putting this up here because I know quite a few Mac Wolfenstein players who moved on to playing the Marathon Trilogy in the mid-1990s Ė or at least who played them both!

I am currently compiling an archive of as many scenarios released for the Mac Wolfenstein 3D engine as I can. The idea is to preserve the extensive community material produced for this game. Itís my opinion that such a large amount of creative material should not be lost!

Part of the reason Iím doing this now is to provide material for a new porting project, MacenWolf. This is a modern engine that attempts to reproduce the Mac Wolfenstein engine as closely as possible, and aims to provide support for all of the scenarios produced for that engine. In a very broad sense, you could think of it as an Aleph One for Wolfenstein (although there are some differences!). See here:


Iíve already put together a fairly sizeable scenario collection. Iím building on work started by myself and my friend and fellow designer Clubey in the early 2000s, when we managed to collect a large archive of scenarios from dedicated websites, and directly from designers themselves. Recent advances in internet technology have allowed me to expand this archive significantly. I currently have 1075 scenarios in my archive, which hold over 6700 levels between them. These numbers are still slowly growing.

When I am confident that I have found as many scenarios as can be found through a simple search, the archive will be released freely to the community. I hope to do so later this year.

Given how much time has passed, one of the best ways I have to find scenarios Iím missing is through former Wolfenstein designers, and members of the Wolfenstein community. Iíve already been in touch with a number of players from the 1990s and early 2000s, several of whom have given me quite a bit of interesting material.

Itís a long shot, but Iím wondering if thereís anyone on here who might still have some Mac Wolfenstein 3D scenarios hanging around on old disks, or old computers? If so, would you be willing to send them on to me? Iíd really appreciate it!

Even better, if still you have some scenarios, or remember some from back in the day, do please check against my lists. If you have something that Iím missing, or remember the designer of a scenario that I havenít yet been able to credit, please do let me know!

Hereís a list of what is currently in my archive:


Hereís a list of some scenarios that I know Iím missing. Iíd particularly like to flag up ĎThe Discplacement Experimentí, which is one of the major scenarios I don't currently have! Any early WolfAddict scenarios would also be of a great deal of interest.


Also, if either Chris Emirzian or Jesse Dowdle happen to be out there checking these forums, please reply if you can. I have some questions for you!

Iíve also come across quite a lot of old Marathon material while searching around. Iím not sure from a quick glance just how much of it is represented on the bungie.org Archive, but I suspect at least some of it isnít. Once Iíve got my Wolfenstein archive up and running, Iíd be half tempted to do something similar for the Marathon trilogy too!

Anyway, sorry for the brief Wolfenstein excursion! To make this at least vaguely Marathon related, hereís a little shot of ĎMarasteiní, a scenario that does a remarkably good job at converting Arrival into the Wolfenstein engine. It was made by Kris Norberg, who Hamish might remember as an early contributor to the Story Page!


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