Numerous PID questions
Posted By: JeokuDate: 6/5/21 4:25 p.m.

I have been studying this game over the last month or so and I have a list of questions that I dont know the answer to and thought I would ask. Feel free to answer which ever questions you like. All input is appreciated.

1. I hear in the OSX version (I have windows so hard to test) that there is a gold room glitch. The gold room glitch is triggered when talking to the German in the room full of gold ingots behind the gold door. Certain key words cause the conversation to stop working properly, and it becomes impossible to close the dialogue window. The only way you can keep playing is by moving the window to the background. Is this glitch still in the game? What are the keywords?

2. I hear in the OSX version there is a glitch where the game will break if you drop the map. Is this still in the game? Can someone test for me?

3. When you use the violet crystal or a grenade launcher what is the actual area of the screen that gets hit? Is it half? A third? Or is it based on a sector width?

4. Hopper's maps show spawn rates for all of the monsters. Check out http://forums.bungie.org/story/?read=61180 for some information about spawn rates. My question is what exactly is a tick? Is it a frame?

5. Anyone know the damage output by the flying reptiles and rats?

6. What is the health and damage of the Stalker to complete this linked data? http://forums.bungie.org/story/?read=70241

7. For all weapons how many kills does it take to go from beginner to novice to expert? I am told that this is stored 1863, 1895, 1901, 1907, 1913, and 1919 if you have the game script.

8. Does the canvas bag (or any of the other containers) have a weight or item limit? My understanding is that these limits were removed but what about this image? http://pid.bungie.org/images/canvasbagfull.gif

9. Anyone have images of the item descriptions from demo A1 or list of item descriptions from the script? I want to compare them to the release version.

10 When talking to the dead what are the rules for misspelled words? When will they work and when will they not?

11. Most of the dead conversations will elicit 2 or 3 random responses for words that do not trigger a dialogue. Most random letters and whatnot; however, won’t bring up these responses. What is the rules for actually getting these responses to trigger?

12. There are several dialogues in the scripting that cannot be triggered to my knowledge. Please confirm that all of these dialogues cannot be triggered. Some of these I think are 2nd intros and I haven’t got around to checking all of them yet.
scri 128 - “Nothing, nothing. I can't remember anything.”
scri 131 - “I have no idea. A lot of us thought we were coming to North America to train Mexican troops for an invasion of Texas and California, but they were wrong, obviously.”
scri 144 - “We would have brought bigger guns if we'd known what we'd find here.”
scri 146 - “Why are you back? Go down, get the bomb, and blow this place up!”
scri 146 - “Where's yours? I bet it was damaged when your 'chute didn't open, never mind. I wish I had mine to give you.”
scri 140 - “Every time I try, I can recall less and less of my life in Germany. It's frightening.”
scri 148 - “Shhh! That's my name, but don't tell him!”
scri 149 - “He lost it as soon as he saw the thing, and I don't think he was fully aware of what was happening even when he died.”
scri 151 - “Come on, get moving. You've got to find Greg and the bomb and bring this whole place down. Don't worry about us.”
scri 152 - “Did you plant the bomb already? Did you even find it? There isn't much time, man, move it!”
scri 154 - “Welcome back. Come back as often as you like. I'm so lonely.”
scri 154 - “I don't know why, but the creatures weren't in the least bit interested in me but they fell on my companions and devoured them. Maybe it's because I was weak with poison and hardly moved.”

13. Scri 137 seems to be talking about god or the afterlife or something. Any theories on what he is talking about?

14. Does moving forward and sidestepping simultaneously result in an increased net movement in Aleph One? My understanding is that it does not in 2.0.

15. Wow you made it to the last question. Thanks for spending the time to read and perhaps answer some of these :)

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Numerous PID questionsJeoku 6/5/21 4:25 p.m.
     whoa, that's a lot of questionsukimalefu 6/5/21 10:43 p.m.

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