Eternal X Tour of Duty LAST EPISODE
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 12/6/20 7:11 a.m.

Chapter 5: Antiquity Stage 3: End of the World

There's just one more semi crossover with the underrated gem I compare this game & Doom Eternal to. Just roll with it, OK?

Act 1: Deep in the Grotto

Last time on Tour of Duty, Hathor reformed on the brink of death and I helped her stop the W’rkncacnter in the past by killing it with a Trih Xeem. I didn’t even know that killing an elder god was possible. It was only a fleeting victory as the Yucatan one escaped detection thanks to our assassination and it was set loose. I also learned I am the chosen one and that Hathor was picked by the W’rkncacnter as their pawn in a similar way I am to the Jjaro, making her the W’rkncacnter Trigger in more ways than one.

Now I return to the Shield World Installation 04 and its library to finish off Hathor as I would have done had I not stayed my hand. However, the downside is that this will fire the Dyson sphere and destroy almost all life in the galaxy. I’ll spare you the journey through the level again as usual.

Along the way I find another of Lia’s new areas in the map. Some kind of loading bay for the library, though the lift is too small and the roll-down door is locked.

It leads to a passageway under the library to a computer bank. I smash a circuit inside the bank to open the maintenance hatch connected to the right side elevator by the waterfall in the atrium (when facing the falls). There’s a rock tunnel under the water at the bottom of the shaft but I can’t get into it. Currently I’m back at Hathor’s terminal off the library’s atrium.

Sorry Hathor, but I can’t listen to you this time. I smash the circuit board panel in the wall and Hathor fully dies. Or so it seems…

So that’s it. I just fired the Marathon version of a Halo ring and wiped out a large percentage of the galaxy’s life. As Forrest said, you would have done this in Halo had that not been scrapped. The closest we have in the final series is... *SPOILER ALERT!*

...firing the first Halo’s replacement while it’s still at the ARK and out of range of any life let alone sentient life other than what’s currently on the ARK. The ARK is Installation 00; basically a glorified Master Key for all 7 rings, which we saw in the SPV3 Tour of Duty, mostly when I provided the Halo CEA terminals.


It’s Leela! I’m back in the previous timezone I left and she found me. However, she isn’t alone: as Guilty Spark tells me, the Pfhor are also waiting outside and take the chance to rush inside the Shield World when it opens. They were not expecting the W’rkncacnter’s kamalas/nightmares/whatever to be in here however. While I listen to Spark’s message, I hear a trooper fighting them upstairs, either a skitter or a nightmare. Fighting the pfhor after several long levels of PID Monsters only strangely feels very good, almost exactly like Two Betrayals in Halo where you finally fight the covenant again after the Flood replace them for 1½ levels. Also, what happened to the living Jjaro that used to be in this chapter in 1.1? They were Bob palette swaps with alien clothes. While it is a little disappointing they are gone, honestly I always liked the idea of you being utterly alone in Chapter 5 against the horrors. Even with the Monitor for company.

Reasoning with the Pfhor is out of the question so I may well need to destroy the ship. With this in mind, I quickly save and return to the library entrance.

Christ, it’s a warzone! As soon as I run into the middle of the grotto’s topside area, the monitor teleports me out. Now, Cybernetic Junction; Raise the curtain for our final show!

Act 2: This Message Will Self-Destruct

“drictelt ‘06” Raven

Not only do I get a pattern buffer and 2X Shield charger straight away, I also get a respawning purple shield canister too. The goal here is simple: kill everything you can and flick switches. I still need to find a terminal to find out my actual objective, which is likely destroy the ship. We can’t let the kamalas get off this Dyson Sphere and the map title hints at that.

East of where I start, hunters and enforcers get slaughtered by the shadow monsters after I aggro them. West of here are more pfhor and some banshees & nightmares. I learn the hard way that killing hunters with the dark energy swords makes them explode as if I used fusion or explosions. I also know from the Rampancy stream that Jjaro weapons make you immune to attacks from those weapons if you are holding them, such as that of your teammates. This isn’t a co-op run so I don’t get to see that last part. It even kills commanders in 1 hit, as I saw when I found one hiding in a side room.

Side note for context above: I don't often play co-op with my friends in Marathon now as not all my friends have it and my brother doesn’t like Marathon anymore since I whupped his ass at Slayer on Thunderdome in the Xbox version of Marathon 2, as revenge for him kicking my ass at Halo since we were kids.

The corridors of this ship are a spaghetti junction of blue and purple rooms, some with small thundrillium solution pools. There’s a big pool of the liquid crystal close to the start which is quite important. I find a terminal somewhere north of where I was.

*Pfhor Translator Active*

“We’ve got contacts, lots of ‘em! But…they’re not humans or reshep! T,T,They’re just tearing through us! What the...Ohhhh nooooo!”

*End Translation*

I find a second purple shield charger in a semi-circular room with liquid thundrillium pools just next to this area. I also find out for definite that enforcers pop like popcorn when using dark energy swords on them, as if I used grenades. Not that it matters much as I have plenty sword and portable Halo charges anyway. There’s a switch here I need to hit. All buttons you find must be pushed to raise an incredibly long stairway catwalk over the big pool to reach an outer deck on the spine of the ship. Another button and pattern buffer I find next to a green shield charger (1X) just east of here.

Another button is inside what looks like a large ovary.

To the east I find an identical terminal next to a save point and stumble onto a big battle at the base of the large stairs by the thundrillium fuel pool.

Another button guarded by fighters lies on the far east. Next to the start, I find a panel in a room I missed that starts an elevator in the first room. The blue passageway above has a 2X shield station which I admire with the glory of mipmapping (or is it bump mapping?)

It snakes past another to a brand new catwalk up top. I could try and jump to the stairs from here as I can’t seem to find the remaining buttons.

I get to see the outer hull and what appear to be pulse laser turrets as I follow this secret catwalk.

That group of pillars is the outer deck so this seems to either be a shortcut or the new way to get up to it. I kill the hunters, drones and few shadow dream monsters up here and check the terminal. The Monitor has come to realise that the pfhor are meddlers.

Ah, so the thundrillium is coolant here? It usually is depicted as such in Marathon 2 and Infinity, though in a couple of levels at least. The button in here must raise the final portions of the stairs. As I thought, the only option is to scuttle the ship. I need to overflow the coolant and flood the ship for a Bengal cat destabilisation. Not to be confused with a wildcat one, that’s for fusion engines.

Besides being the new way to raise the final parts of the stairway leading here, the switch by the Monitor’s terminal also opens the power core access room to the left when facing down the stairs near the bottom.

I use my portable Halo to destroy the circuit board and damage the power core.

That did it! The engine’s gone critical! Well, into meltdown, not critical as the latter just means it’s turned on. The thundrillium coolant rises at a slightly faster pace than you so you better get a head start. All this needs now is some fires from overheating equipment and the Escape theme from Another Metroid 2 Remake. It flows onto the hull too so be fast. The Monitor teleports you out once you stand on the floor of the hull area.

Act 3: We Met Once in the Garden

“drictelt ‘07”

In a canyon in a cavern, excavating for a mine

Dwelt the miner forty-niner and his daughter Clementine.

(I don't get it. Is that a Scooby Doo reference?)

This map uses What About Bob and while the song isn’t shit unlike Freedom, this map used to use Rushing and it was WAY BETTER FOR IT. It gave the impression of you running full pelt for your life while still being a badass. What About Bob better fits a mid-game battle level like Third Rock from Lh’owon or Babylon X. I’m very disappointed that Rushing has been demoted to its niche status in terms of appearance like in the main trilogy, which is bad as Craig’s Rushing is even more badass than the original MIDI and a different flavour of pure awesome than the CD version and Eupfhoria remix.

Anyway, this is it. The Final Run. 343 Guilty Spark has teleported me to none other than the Shield World’s copy of Kingdom Valley itself. He contacts me via the terminal as I’m joined by fusion turrets and he’s got some very bad news:

WHAT?! If having to choose between firing the Shield World and nuking it with a Trih Xeem, I don’t know which is worse! A Trih Xeem fired at a planet would have a similar effect to the Little Doctor device from the Ender Saga books, except this one will spread. DON’T be here when it blows!

The Shield World has an escape hatch at the very top (south pole?) that leads out into space. If I move now I can make it! The paths are mostly gone or broken but my god does it make the best Sprint of Faith platforming since Whatever You Please.

This is a daring charge through the tall, water filled canyons of the Dyson Sphere’s recreation of Kingdom Valley. My goal is an elevator to the highest part of the Mount Point in the far northeast by a large lake. The Pfhor are fighting a dire final battle against the W’rkncacnter’s nightmares in the canyons and they even have Juggernauts out in force. Be wary of the fusion turrets as they can and will likely hit you when trying to shoot the actual hostiles. Some are even hiding in cracks in the rocks so you may not see them until they shoot you.

Saving at the Pattern Buffer and dashing through the door on the side of the building the terminal is on, I run past an elevator used for getting back up if you fall in the water and run like hell through the canyons, jumping between rock ledges and sprinting over streams and pools.

Hang on, what’s this I spy through this waterfall? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MDwKzH4ez8&t=1286s

Hey, we passed through Rocky Plateau and Refraction Canyon too! This lake was supposed to be a final boss arena where Hathor would have gained a new Battleroid body and you’d fight her before the final level. I’ve seen the 3D model they made of her on the Pfhorums; she looks kind of like SHODAN.

Straight ahead over the lake I find a pattern buffer, a broken terminal and a 1X shield station. The elevator is up the stairs through a fissure in the rocks. There’s fighters tumbling down them.

Hmm. This elevator shaft looks familiar. Quickly, I get on and it starts up. I need to hurry: things are getting noisy down there.

Act 4: Where Giants Have Fallen

SURPRISE! The Kingdom Valley cliffs above the bay I saw in my dreams were the Mount Point of the Jjaro Shield World all along. Only this time, it’s no dream. Unlike every other time I’ve been here, I need to climb up to the door at the original entrance this time. The Dyson Sphere’s star core is expanding! There’s no more time! I have to hurry!


The waves of the sea in the sky are now a tsunami. It’s only a matter of time before they come crashing down and flash into steam.

It’s the creek! I can’t get up the cliff by the waterfall so I need to follow the other pass over the edge of the valley mountain.




I finally make it to the door at the very top of the Shield World and run inside. This was always locked in the dream levels. 343 Guilty Spark has some parting words at a terminal.


We won’t know that for sure until either Bungie finally make an official Marathon 4 as a sequel to this or we get Marathon Chronicles to carry on from both this and Rubicon. The chip I found on my way in this area can go in a slot by the shield terminal and I cannot ram it in there fast enough. This opens up the escape hatch: the giant tube in the middle of the room. I was distraught when I played the original Eternal X and got here as I thought Leela died for real. I didn’t play the failure planks on my first run of 1.0.3 however so I’d missed the fact that Leela would survive via her backup which is also in the Macroverse. Not that she meets up with me once I get there.

With mere seconds to spare before the black holes outside and the imminent nova catch up to me, I throw myself down the bottomless pit and go hurtling out into deep space.

“What if…we don’t make it?” I hear Leela’s voice say. “We’ll make it.” I respond calmingly. As the Jjaro shield world goes up in a massive fireball of plasma and burning dust and metal, I hear this version of Leela’s last words I’ll ever hear unless she appears in Chronicles. “It’s been an honour serving with you, Marcus.”

It’s rather a pity, really. Now the universe is down to 699 wonders.

Final Timezone Epilogue: Eternity

Final stage: The Near Side of Everywhere

Wha? Where am I? Wait. I recognise this place. I’m…back on K’lia. In the future. Above Fourth Earth. And I’m not dreaming.

Honou no Saiyaku may be out now, but it’s now snowing golden embers. Those are Pre-Battleroid Hathor's sparks, likely a gift from Solaris to me presumably to rebirth her no longer as the Dark One. All of this, my encounter with Hathor, my time travel, but what she said…I wrote this down back on Kill Your Television but I was largely incoherent.

Now I need to write this down, but with clarity this time. There’s a computer right there to do it: the first one I spoke to Hathor on at the start of all this. How fitting.

The decayed hand in the Infinity ending screen is mine. And now I take Hathor's hand, in unity at last at the end of the world.

I still crave my next meeting with the real person, involving no battles or anything like that; just reconciliation for a misunderstanding. The real thing is nothing like her Marathon EU equivalent, though they do share the same beauty: eyes like galaxies in a warm nebula and hair of star plasma, burning and searing the air with divine light. But that's quite enough of that for this series. Back to more Marathon and/or Bungie in general's story focused naval gazing, coming right up.

I am…the architect of Earth’s own destruction. In my quest to save it by changing the past, I changed absolutely nothing and now I’m back. It is still snowing golden lava embers. I consider that my baptism. So this is it. This, is the way the world ends.

All the Bobs are gone. I’m the only one left: K’lia is completely empty. Is it really the end of the world? Will the langoliers show up and consume everything else?

With a heavy heart, I walk through the fiery flurry, catching as many golden magma snowflakes as I can on my tongue and return to the terminal I wrote my diary in what feels like millennia now. I save a backup copy of myself in the pattern buffer I started by, not that it matters anymore.

Cycle? From what I try to interpret from Durandal and Thoth, this was all a time loop. And the Jjaro in the Macroverse FORCE this cycle on us? My god… Even Solaris does not want that. Those Jjaro must be rogue. No wonder Solaris granted the snowing embers on K’lia: it was to give me hope. They also seem to metaphorically represent the molten gold inlay of the monument I destroyed in that ancient battle with the Dark One, whichever form she took then. How dare the W’rkncacnter make Hathor their next pawn! I will avenge her.

The W’rkncacnter are indeed elder gods, but they, like all gods, are organic alien lifeforms bonded to cybernetics and vast technology we struggle to conceive of. They just happen to be titanic leviathans with such tech. The Jjaro, original human and all species in that collective fear so much to become like their enemy, they end up just as bad if not worse anyway but through other means. Just like us. Forrest has mentioned in the past that this theme was based on the war on terror back when it was fresh, post 9-11. Presumably Al Queada and Islamic State are represented by the W’rkncacnter and the Jjaro by Western Europe and the united states.

*Last tangent below, I promise. It's in firebrick to mean "skip this section if it ain't your cup of tea"*

If you excuse the final rant, another way of looking at the Jjaro unrelated to terrorism is that their failure is the same reason that good guys in some TV shows and movies are fucking pussies and would rather let blatantly always chaotic evil beings live instead of killing them, or just sitting and taking abuse from bullies or other bad people because fucking DEFENDING themselves they see as “stooping to their level”, quoting that in the most demeaning, whiny, mimicking voice I can. This also spreads to deliberately missing their attacks, sticking to shitty melee weapons (looking at you, both versions of Thundercats, Tygra's fusion pistol in the only good one notwithstanding) and not even swearing at the bad guys to make it clear they think they are dicks.

I never realised this before but the transsentient Jjaro are now what happens when you take the tired old thing parents tell their kids, the “Never fight back and protect yourself from people harming you because you’ll be as bad as them” blatantly false BULLSHIT too far. I knew that way of thinking would lead to the end of the world. That was my interpretation when I first played Eternal X 1.03 back in 2013, anyway.

Rant over, back to Durandal!

This is where Marathon Eternal is the perfect Marathon 4 or interequal to an official one because it takes place all over the already established canon with barely any time spent in the time post Infinity where it begins. This allows it to come after Infinity and immediately precede any of your own favourite mods and future official Marathon games if any are eventually made. There may be contradictions in official ones though, but we shall see. All those events after this game can be seen as us trying to prevent the Jjaro from deliberately steering the timeline to its doom. Full victory at a more deserving end of the Marathon saga will be when that is achieved at last.

Like the Forerunners under the Ur-Didact, Shadow of Sundered Star, the Jjaro may be enemies now. I answer to Solaris, Bast, Sekhmet & Nyarlathotep anyway, not the Jjaro. Come get some.

If you still didn't believe Durandal actually escaped the closure post Infinity before, you will now. He only “didn’t” cause he already has.

That is it. Durandal teleports me off of K’lia and to the past for the final time: to my own time where I left off at the conclusion of Marathon Infinity. Then our quest to free ourselves from Jjaro control and stop the Pfhor and W’rkncacnter all at once will begin. That is for someone else to cover, in a separate timeline to this glorified novel(fan fiction) that I bled into this text let’s play as a retelling of how I first experienced the Marathon Eternal X 1.0.3, now in Eternal X Omega 1.2 to accommodate the actual LP.

(:ike Freeman’s Mind was in Half Life Source, with plenty of Accursed Farms and Psychedelic Eyeball style weirdness to go along with it)

Thank all of you with putting up with all my ramblings this Tour. This is Lion O Cyborg, and in signing off, I now both leave with another hymn -this one a song that should be the main theme of both Marathon Infinity and Marathon Eternal X, especially Eternal- which I'll put under paragraph breaks so you can safely ignore it if it isn't your cup of tea and one final message for Marathon fans as a whole you can count as the actual end of this writeup:

Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in 1 direction. But I have seen the face of time and I can tell you: they are wrong.

Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am and why I say this. Sit down, and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever heard.

*Ending Song/Personal Alternate Main Theme of Eternal*

In the night light do you see what you dream? All your troubles, are they all what they seem?

Look around you then you may realise, all the preachers all with their lies.

And I might know of our future…

…But then you still control the past.

Only you know if we’ll be together. Only you know we shall last.

In the night light, do you still feel your pain?

For the valour, you wait. It never came.

If you were able, would you go change the past…

…To end a foe-pa with one last chance?

And I might know of our future…

…But then you still control the past.

Only you know if we’ll be together some day.

Cause every night, I will save your life.

And every night, I will be with you.

Cause every night I still lay awake and I dream of an absolution.

Cause every night, I will make it right.

And every night, I will come to you.

But every night it just stays the same. And I dream of an absolution.

In the nightlight, do you see what you dream? All your triumph and all you’ll ever be. Look around you then you may realise

My happiness lies TRAPPED IN MISERY!

And who knows what of our future?

We can all try to change the past.

Only you know if she’ll be together with us at last.

Cause every night, I will save your life.

And every night I will be with you.

Cause every night I still lay awake and I dream of an absolution.

Cause every night, I will make it right.

And every night, I will come to you.

But every night it just stays the same and I dream of my absolution. And you’ll see what you’ll be. All you can be. Cause every night and every night, I will dream.

And you’ll see that this is my dream. Every night I will always dream of what we can be. And every night I will always dream, my dream of an absolution.

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