Aleph One 1.3rc1
Posted By: treellamaDate: 8/8/20 11:25 a.m.

Just a heads up, here's a final build before we make the real 1.3 release.



  • Improvements to Ogg music playback quality
  • Fixes for disappearing sprites issue
  • Better fix for UTF-8 characters in filenames in Windows (fixes Rubicon X again)
  • Fixes to software renderer at ultra high resolutions
  • Fixes to renderer loop
  • Fixes to liquid rendering regression from 1.3b3
  • Fixes to dialogs and screen redraw
  • M1 fixes for third party scenarios, including support for Trojan
  • Move the default preferences to 'Scripts/Default Preferences.xml" because users kept deleting the other ones thinking they were deleting their preferences
  • Better granularity for sound and music volume, and allow music volume to go louder then 100%
  • Updated video export to use automatic bit rate unless overridden. This makes for much better video export with default settings at 1080p
  • Update original trilogy preferences to default to a more classic look and feel: near filtering is disabled, classic HUDs are used, and high res textures default to off out of the box. Your existing preferences will be preserved.

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