Let's Play Halo SPV3 Stage 1 (Halo 1 mod)
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 1/16/20 1:47 p.m.

Stage 1: The Pillar of Autumn

Escape intact as Covenant Forces board your ship

Stage 0 was simply to get the opening cutscene out of the way and start the game proper as this level is longer than the vanilla game, which is why I considered it a slog on my original Legendary run. I’ll try to keep more full transcripts of cutscenes to a minimum now. Stage 1 is the Pillar of Autumn proper.

Unlike the Eternal X Tour of Duty, which is split into game chapters, a Stage per chapter plank (intro, bad future, success) and Acts representing levels, Halo’s levels are pretty damn big so one Stage of the Halo LP will be a single level. Chapters in Halo are little pop-up texts that appear within levels Half Life style, marking significant sections. Those will be the Acts here.

Act 1: Reville

After the cutscene we covered last, I emerge from my cryotube automatically, with Thom Shepherd dressed in a new orange jumpsuit, possibly like the engineering staff on the Marathon? (Not the airlock technicians)

Unlike vanilla on Easy and Normal, no sooner have I left the tube than Sam is attacked and the alarm goes off. “Oh god, they’re trying to get through the door!” The door explodes again and Sam calls for help as before but this time he’s attacked by a brute from Halo 2, wielding a bayoneted grenade launcher called a Brute Shot.

Shepherd yells for Sam twice before running to the exit door and keying it open. I follow Thom down the hall to a larger automatic door but an explosion from some hidden pipes or something in the next hall breaks the door and sends Shepherd’s dead body flying back the way I came. I jump over some pipes by an alarm and go past Cryo One. Something else explodes past the Cryo One hall door, but this one is safe other than the fire it starts. The blast seems to have dislodged a pair of hoses in a burning corridor. What’s in those hoses anyway? Hydraulic fluid? Steam? Air?

Normally there’s an invisible wall but it’s possible to run in there in SPV3 and get trapped when the blast doors close. The half closed blast door to the left is fully open in this mod and now I get to see something the vanilla game doesn’t have: automated ceiling turrets that help us fight the Covenant.

Beware of Low-Hanging Defence Turrets.

A poor sap gets blown up by an invisible plasma grenade as he runs from elites past another hose. Granted, this was a Bob so he just stood in place like a lemon while the blast door started closing, instead of just stepping through. Looking at the real HD crewmen in SPV3, they really do look Bobs from Marathon in full 3D.

“Thank God, it’s you! Wait, I mean, They’re Everywhere! Heh, heh, heh…don’t kill me!”

Past the HD Bobs down a dark hall, I run almost headfirst into an elite, which you normally only see on Easy and Normal. A pair of marines had taken its shields down, but I can’t help them as I’m unarmed. Some hunters harass more soldiers and one marine tells me to follow him through the armoury to the bridge to meet with the captain. It’s here on the floor of the armoury by some dead bodies that you run into the first of many Marathon terminals in SPV3. Like with Marathon, they come in the form of UNSC & Covenant datapads, and Forerunner terminals that resemble the ones from Halo 4. I’ll be using a guide to find them all as in my past playthroughs I’ve missed some on a few levels and I want to see them.

Some of these things you might already know if you read the Fall of Reach or at least read the Primers I started as an introduction to this LP. I didn’t mention Keyes’s daughter Miranda from Halo 2 though. She’s the child of both Jacob and Dr Halsey, though this isn’t often touched upon in the games. By the bridge, I find the famous bulletin board Easter egg. In Halo 1, it looks like this:

There’s an Alien reference, the Keep it Clean notice would become the catchphrase of the Superintendent AI in Halo 3 ODST, the Fight for Her poster became a subtle ad for Destiny in the same game and there’s a clever Marathon 1 reference: both Bungie’s old office and a colony ship with 7 speed manual transmission are for sale. I guess Durandal, after escaping into the Macroverse post Infinity still has a sense of humour.

Now the board looks like this:

Don’t think I didn’t see that other Destiny reference hiding by the keyboard. …Whoops, wrong guardians.

The Anniversary version of the bulletin board has a teaser for Halo 4 in the same style as the future Destiny poster, Jonesy has been found, someone’s lost a golden egg laying goose and there’s a rock band advertisement that makes a Uranus joke:

In the original build of SPV3, the board was green and had developer notes on it, including one that said “Keyes’s face sucks”. They hadn’t finalised his model at the time nor Cortana’s which was similar to her current one, but completely opaque, so it made sense. Besides that, the SPV3.1 board was boring.

Now, there’s something else that needs covered before I talk to Keyes. This isn’t really in SPV3 itself, but there’s a message being received by the unmanned computer station on the left side of the bridge. I check it out.

I’ll be embedding all of those when I find their relative positions, though some of them are taken up by SPV3 terminals as a reference to them. I go and talk to the Captain. He says things aren’t going well, even though Cortana did her best. She doesn’t agree, and says she was able to destroy 4 out of 12 battleships. She turns to me and asks if I slept well. No thanks to her driving, I did. Cortana smiles, “So you did miss me.”

In SPV3.1, she had her mouth open after speaking here, like in vanilla. It looked weird and a little off to see her HD Halo 4 model moving her mouth and face with the primitive animations. I’ve gotten used to worse before, but at least that was fixed here. Just then, the deck shudders as something strikes us and scary music plays. Or the music was scary when I was 7 and played it for the first time.

The MAC gun is disabled now and it was Cortana’s last line of defence. Keyes decides we should abandon ship while he tries to land on the ringworld. “With all due respect sir,” Cortana says, “this war has enough dead heroes.”

Captain Keyes locks his eyes with hers and tells her that he doesn’t make the rules, before sending her off to prepare both a list of places to land, and herself for a hard transfer.

That’s where I come in: if the Covenant captures Cortana, they will learn everything they need to about us from her; Force deployments, weapons research and most of all, the location of Earth.

“The Autumn will continue evasive manoeuvres until you initiate a landing sequence.” Cortana tells the Captain when she returns. “Not that you’ll listen, but I’d suggest letting my subroutines handle the final approach.” Keyes then ejects her memory crystal chip and I insert it into the slot on my head, just like I did with Durandal in Marathon Infinity.

What to save and what to throw away?

pr?The first hour is on us both? pr?mr. s?tuck this little kitty into the impenetrable brainpan?

pr?Contents under pressure. Do not expose to excessive heat, vacuum, blunt trauma, disintergration, reintergration. hypersleep, humiliation, sorrow or harsh language?

pr?When the time comes, whose life will flash before yours?

pr?A billion paths are here inside me?

pr?yes, yes, yes, Halsey, 110?

pr?potential, jewels, jewels, yes, jewels?%

There’s a much more appropriate place for that reference in Halo 3, but I just wanted to be first. Cortana gets a bit flirty as the ice water feeling of her presence enters my skull. “Hmm, your architecture isn’t much different from the Autumn’s. Don’t get any funny ideas, Cortana. Despite the fact her similar appearance to Cheetara (the good version that is) is even clearer in SPV3, I ain’t into Halo R34.

Act 2: AI Constructs and Cyborgs first!

Halo 1 is a bit inconsistent with whether the Chief is a cyborg or not. The books and later games say he is not, but is chemically augmented. The closest he gets to being a cyborg is the AI ports in his skull that Cortana plugs into via his armour. This is a holdover from its story’s earliest drafts used for Marathon Eternal’s story, in which Halo was a Marathon 4. Keyes hands me his pistol but warns he doesn’t keep it loaded. I’ll have to find ammo when I go.

And go I do, jumping below the weapons station and looking out the window at the Halo ring just to admire it.

The Halo ring was mind blowing to me as a child as I didn’t think someone could just build a planet like world, let alone one this shape. Despite the joke in Stage 0, I didn’t read the Ringworld Trilogy until years later. The Niven original was much larger, orbited a star, (as opposed to Halo floating in a Lagrange point between a gas giant and its moon) simulated night with gigantic “shadow squares” held together with infinitely sharp cables and its superweapon was forcing its sun to flare and focusing the plasma and light into a laser which could target anything. What did they use their giant sun lasers for? Meteorite defence.

Those bent spikes overhead are the Pillar of Autumn’s Magnetic Accelerator Cannon by the way. I climb up the ladder behind me out of the pit. Ladders are very rare in campaign, mostly appearing in multiplayer only. I didn’t test this in SPV3 but if you kill Captain Keyes once you get ammo for your pistol and/or kill other bridge crew, Cortana calls invincible marines to kill you, saying that you’ve gone rampant. You’re then locked on the bridge and can either hide under the ladder forever or submit to being shot and/or reload.

There’s pistol ammo on the floor as I leave the bridge, and just in time as a trio of grunts waits in the hallway. Like with Marathon, your basic gun is a pistol with a scope that defies most expectations of game pistols by not being useless. Unlike Marathon, you can actually use the scope! Sadly no dual wielding though.

Normally the pistol is semi-automatic but I have to actually pull the right trigger repeatedly to fire it in the mod. Killing the grunts, I help the marines fight off some more along with elite handlers in a cafeteria and steal a plasma pistol. It’s basically the fusion pistol. However, the battery rapidly drains if you hold a charged shot in SPV3, like Halo 3 onward which sucks. The grunts’ methane tanks seem to catch fire and explode if shot but the explosion doesn’t appear to be very big.

I also admire the mess hall menu and find an SMG from Halo 2 & the second human terminal in hall to the right of the entrance door.

Wait, that’s a major spoiler for Halo Reach. *facepalm* https://youtu.be/YWDUEVL0PMI?t=244

Cortana warns that borders breached the ship’s fire control centre, using as a line taken and edited from Halo 2, before a boarding craft slams into a nearby airlock and the covies blow the inner door open with plasma grenades.

Cortana notes that the Covenant are clever for using even the lifepod airlocks as makeshift docking bays once they are emptied. Inside the boarding craft’s umbilical is an overshield by a sealed iris door and a covenant terminal next to the airlock.

There’s the odd switch that can activate turrets if you need them. Just ahead is a dark hallway that’s blocked off due to the door being broken. Cortana suggests bashing it open with a melee attack so I do. Inside is my first armour ability, guarded by an elite, the VISR. It’s identical to the one in Halo 3 ODST which in turn, is an evolution of the VISR Chip in Marathon AKA Hypervision, except you can turn it on and off at will.

Ahead is another molested airlock with a covie terminal next to it and a new SPV3 exclusive powerup by the boarding craft’s inner door, the Reflex Enhancer which gives you bullet time.

Just ahead I crouch under a broken blast door just in time to see a pair of Bobs get slaughtered by grunts and elites. Or they would be if I hadn’t saved them, thanks to time moving slowly for 30 seconds. “Now you don’t see me,” I say as sprint to the covenant at the speed of sound, “Now you do!” There’s a human terminal behind a pillar here.

He doesn’t know Halsey survived and makes it out as of Halo: First Strike. And if you’ve played the original Halo 1 or Anniversary, you know that now he never will.

I swap my SMG for a Battle Rifle, also from Halo 2 but I eschew the Health Regen for my VISR as I feel I will need it later. Ahead is a staircase where marines are under attack by brutes, equipped with Brute Shots and my favourite plasma weapon, but the latter vanished before I could pick it up. I manage to knock the metal shower cap off of one’s head, and blast him with my plasma rifle.

“I would’ve been your daddy, but a dog beat me over the fence! Maybe then, you’d be trouble!”

They also drop a new type of grenade: so far I’ve been using plasma grenades that stick to enemies and vehicles, but not scenery. These new ones are gravity grenades, which they may as well call portable red matter bombs:

Reminds me of End of the World in New Sonic the Hedgehog, but almost as bloody as I wanted those black hole deaths to be. Up ahead, the lifepods begin launching as a volley of red pulse lasers strikes the hull. One of them skewers the third pod like a marshmallow.

The blast door into the hall by the pod bay doors seals behind me so any surviving marines that are following you get left behind. They don’t go through before it starts closing. It’s a dead end, so Cortana suggests following the maintenance access-ways in the walls, which are in a gameplay sense basically air ducts but large enough to walk in and just as dark. The hatch is guard by stealth elites who carry active camouflage, which is where my Legendary playthrough first clicked on preliminary warning lights. I found frag grenades, which come in handy as does the brute shot.

Covenant patrols outside the exit. In vanilla on Easy & Normal, you don’t get your motion tracker until this point where the access-ways are used as an antepiece to teach you to use it, directing you to a dark room where you learn to melee attack in a similar way, breaking a different door and then training again on an oblivious grunt, then an elite. On higher difficulties, the locked doors in the unsafe “exits” open on their own and you’re expected to know how the motion tracker works, keeping only the unaware elite after the safe exit. SPV3 keeps the antepieces but also leaves the doors open, so triggering Cortana’s dialog for the unsafe exits is risky.

The unware grunt has been replaced with a brute who carries cluster grenades and a Shredder i.e. a Brute Needler. Needlers fire purple heat seeking needles that shatter soon after hitting someone. Stick them with at least 8 at once then they don’t shatter, they explode.

The shredder is a red version that works the same way, but the needles are slower, track targets better and you need less to make them explode. The brutes in here become hot furry pin cushions before falling into a second black hole made when the explosion of my last grav grenade that I threw coupled with a shredder blast sets off a stray one. There’s yet another terminal in here.

Just ahead I find the observation theatres for Cryo One & Two, as well as Sam’s body. A brute kills another tech in the Cryo One room. Interesting to note is that in Halo Anniversary, Linda is noted as being in Cryo, hinting that she may be the co-op character instead of a non-canon chief clone. Below in the starting room, I see an elite zealot with an energy sword growling in frustration at the now empty cryotube. As Cortana points out, it looks like the Covenant wanted to give me a more rude awakening.

Is that Thel Vadumee i.e. the Arbiter? I’m not sure, as there’s multiple sword zealots in Halo 1 and Thel is just one of them albeit unseen, but this specific one could be. 3 explosions rock the ship and injure more cloaked elites in the burning hall past the cryo chambers. Cortana already called me out on losing a little health earlier and she is not amused. “Ask yourself this question: Is what I’m doing right now, helping Cortana from blowing into tiny, tiny bits?!” Yes, I’m not making this line up, it’s actually in the mod here.

The good news is stealth elites have no shields in Halo 1 & SPV3, but they are harder to hit if they have plasma rifles: energy sword ones are dangerous but they may as well paint a dartboard on their chest. Minor blue elites do not regenerate their shields in Halo 1, at least vanilla. If they do, it’s not noticeable. By the burned corpse of the red major elite, who was caught in the first explosion as I sniped him with my battle rifle, I find the next covenant terminal.

A pair of grunts -now a grunt and a stealth elite- hide in the second maintenance access-way. This is where things start to change from the original game, as normally you go through the service ducts and find the final hallways to the lifepod outside. Not here: The duct slopes steeply upward where the way out used to be and a new chapter loads.

Act 3: A Whole New World

They aren’t kidding: this is the first of the brand new sections added to the levels. This one feels like it drags on a bit too long, but it’s small potatoes compared to Assault on the Control Room. The Maw redeems the Autumn’s new areas though, as we’ll get to in time. There’s brutes outside the access-ways fighting marines and Bobs. The twisting side halls past them lead to a dark pit, which I drop into, emerging in a dark corner behind some deployable energy shields inside either a ship entrance or a lifepod bay. All the of the pod bays are taken up by boarding craft, giving the area a car muffler shape. More covies are hiding here. The next terminal is inside another duct near the pod bay doors.

Now this elite I do know about unlike the other terminal ones before him: he’s a minor character in the novelisation who stalks Captain Keyes right onto his lifepod while invisible, intending to capture him. He fails. Instead, Keyes gets captured when one of the techs, Dowski, catches on that they will be taken prisoner instead of killed, so she leads the Covenant right to them when she tries to desert. Dowski is only half right: they spare Keyes, but kill the other bridge crew including her, taking only a small scattering of marines prisoner as well, as we see them later.

Nosolee also appears to be the zealot that escapes at the end of Reach’s Winter Contingency level, except dressed in a hideous shade of “nosebleed during a cold” purple instead of the canon gold zealot armour.

The boarding crafts in the pod bays only have overshields. Around the corner is a larger cryo chamber with brutes and grunts. Beyond that is a series of large cargo holds where marines are in dire straits against elites. The gravity generators are disabled here so while it doesn’t simulate zero G with 6 degrees of freedom like say, Dusk’s swimming sections, it does use low gravity from Cairo Station and the Marathon games, creating a unique sense of verticality the original stage lacks. On the floor of the first hold is a pair of dark hallways around a barricade to the second one.

The second hold is deeper and I kind of told a lie earlier without meaning to: SPV3 has more ladders in Campaign than the base game, though the ones in here are harder to climb for some reason. I hop over the metal chasm and climb up the tiered storage racks to find another terminal from Nosolee. Seems he saw me recently.

At the bottom of the cargo hold is a hallway to the third one. Brutes smash through the glass to my left with their grenade launchers here. This hold is told apart by having barred walkways high above that loop around in spots.

The marines are grateful for my help, but I’m more concerned with finding the next terminal. I do find both an overshield and a reflex enhancer in a side hall behind a broken door, just past where the Sonic 2006 black hole is in the screenshot, next to a first aid kit, grenades, a dead sangheli with a plasma rifle, an AR and a DMR from Halo Reach. The latter is basically a single shot only Battle Rifle, but with better accuracy and a longer scope. I stick to Halo 2 old faithful for now. The gravity turns down at certain intervals, which makes jumping around the place a breeze until it stabilises to 1G again.

Below this cargo hold are a couple of smaller ones. The bottom has a VISR, ammo, dead marines and another Captain Keyes terminal.

If you read the primer, those are events from The Fall of Reach. I can say I have now seen my movie and it is CGI animated like the games instead of live action like I originally thought, but it’s done to Monty Oum standards so it’s excellent. I also learned my DVD appears to just be part 1: It covers the point up to where Spartan Sam dies soon after they get MJOLNIR. There’s 2 other parts, but I don’t know where to get them on DVD. (so I can watch them on my Xbox Classic like I did part 1) Operation RED FLAG is the Prophet kidnapping sting that was the Autumn’s original mission, as mentioned in Primer Circle 3.

There’s brutes hiding among the strange cylinders of god knows what in the dark bottom hold, but use of grenades and strategic sniping take them down and I steal my favourite plasma weapon from one of them.

See what I mean about the VISR being an evolved Hypervision? That comes in handy more than a little bit in the dark, especially in ODST as well. However, armour abilities in SPV3 replace your standard flashlight if equipped unless passive e.g. health regeneration. Be careful: Unlike Halo 3 ODST, this VISR uses your flashlight power so it will need to recharge if it runs out.

There’s the remains of a massacre in the exit hall: covies lie dead among a fallen server stack and collapsed deployable shield. Through a side hatch ahead I switch my battle rifle for the DMR in what appears to be a control room overlooking a second engine room?

I know they’re recycling assets here but what is the point of this place from a story perspective? Is this part of the reactors for the other engines or is it simply a power plant instead of an actual engine room, seen as how the actual engine room is at the end of the level but behind a currently locked bulkhead? The next terminal is directly below the control room on a ledge with 2 barricades. Try not to miss it.

He doesn’t. Keyes shoots him in the head with a borrowed pistol no sooner than they have left the ship. They dump Nosolee’s body in a crevice once they land. Also, the artifact he talks about is the very one with the star map Cortana used to get here, also discussed in Circle 3 of the Primer.

There’s a pair of elites or brutes here that spawn randomly, but there’s always sleeping grunts under the terminal platform. Try to melee them all without being seen, but do it quickly as blast doors at the far end open, letting in patrols who will likely see you as there’s limited cover.

Just as the coast is clear, a pair of Mgalekgolo aka Hunters breaks through the side door of the power plant. I’ll show off their SPV3 look later when they’re not in darkness, but I deal with them and nick their gun. Yes, you read that right.

Up ahead, some marines defend against a brute blockade in some motor tunnels, using warthogs you can’t drive on this level for some reason, though the passenger and gunner seats are fine. There’s a battle rifle in the next tunnel and the room past that is absolute gold. I have a lot of fun with black hole grenades here as they can cause hilarious glitches, especially if an elite gets caught in the event horizon, where you can watch the blood fly.

No elites this time, but I can always reload! >:)

Once I’m finished playing, I head through the parking bay to an elevator I take to the final lifepod bay. It’s a big push up here to the one remaining pod. Sangheli, Unggoy and Jiralhanae (Elites, Grunts and Brutes) guard the way ahead, coupled with a hunter pair behind a bulkhead door. Here I get to show off my favourite plasma weapon in Halo, the Brute Plasma Rifle.

As I said in the primer, it’s much more powerful than the normal elite one, red is my favourite color next to black and ultraviolet*, they fire faster and dual wielding them looks badass as hell. I always wanted a pair of brute plasma rifle laser tag guns so I could duel wield them while my brother used our laser tag plasma pistols. While firing faster does make them overheat more quickly, That’s where duel wielding them comes in, so you can switch to the other to deal with the juicy meat. It’s more practical to have a primary brute plasma rifle dual wielded with an elite one, but I prefer the symmetrical way as it makes me feel like Kurtis Trent but without the psychokinesis (yet).

The “more powerful” aspect is a lot clearer here to compensate for no dual wielding, and they also deal fire damage.

*yes, you can see ultraviolet light in the right circumstances despite it being outside the visible spectrum. Normally it’s seen in bowling alleys and hospital bathrooms and appears as a neon blueish purple. You only can’t see it most of the time when the sun’s out as there’s too much white visible light polluting it (and what’s left of the ozone layer).

Next are the hunters. As discussed in Primer Circle 2, hunters are the hive-mind “bodies” of little sentient worms called Lekgolo clustered together. They carry the most common version of the fuel rod cannon (covenant rocket launcher) and a giant metal snowboard they use as a shield. The hunter designs are problematic in the main games as their assault fuel rod cannons have a cool drum magazine where the rods are loaded in, as seem in that same primer post.

The problem with the assault cannon version used by hunters comes in Halo 3: the hunter’s fuel rod cannon design from Halo 3 onward is rubbish. They change the cool drum magazine to an injector tube design, which makes it look like either a Connect 4 Cube game or a giant dildo.

If they wanted to add tubes to it to show off the beam spray they use in Halo 2 better, they should have kept the drum magazine for the bolt fire and the gel tubes for the beam only. SPV3 understands that and gives us the best of both worlds.

Next to the Halo 2 version of the original drum magazine design, this is the best Assault cannon version as it merges both the designs into one big happy killing machine. You can even see the fuel rods in the drum go down as you fire them, plus killing one hunter and taking his gun lets you kill the other more easily. I don’t know if a single pistol or sniper round still works.

The burning door the Mgalekgolo came from leads to another maintenance access-way, connecting to the original end hallways, now with turrets and what looks like Elite ultras. Using my stolen fuel rod cannon and brute plasma rifle, I fight my way to a barricade with frag greneades, the antepiece in vanilla that teachs you to use them. The lifepod I need to board is just ahead behind a locked pod bay door. It will unlock once the covies are dead. I also need to be careful here as the final terminal is past the pod airlock and getting too close to it once the enemies are dead ends the level. Thankfully there’s one final service duct to aid with that.

Poor Jacob. While his daughter lives on, he never knows his lover did too. As of Halo 4, only Catherine is left.

A marine falls over as we run for the lifepod, but I scoop him up and toss him inside.

The pilot who totally doesn’t sound like a clone of Carol Rawley i.e. Foehammer, rockets the pod out of the bay and into the black. Doesn’t her armour remind you of someone or something?

As most JJ Abrams films prove, they get annoying when they’re overused. However, my god do properly used and rationed lens flares look good if the situation makes sense.

This whole part was so great growing up, that if I had good video editing software and the knowledge to use it, I’d edit in scenes from Halo all over the made for TV “special” movie, The Raccoons and the Lost Star, which both predates Halo and replaces the ringworld with Na Pali.


One of the marines freaks out when the Pillar of Autumn nearly runs us over while it gets bombarded with plasma torpedoes. Cortana realises that Keyes is ignoring her and taking her down manually. What she doesn’t know is that he actually does hand over to her subroutines just before they hit atmosphere and take their lifepod. Guess he wanted to take her down as far as he could safely do himself.

As we descend to the planet, Cortana asks if I’d rather sit down. There’s not a lot of room so I’m fine with standing. The pilot starts to have trouble keeping us on course as there’s something wrong with the airbrake chute. If Cortana still had fingers inside my head, they’d be crossed.


The lifepod crashes on Halo in a sorry state but the Covenant are not far behind! Marine squads lay scattered over a large coastal butte, pinned down by encroaching alien fanatics. But we can’t defend ourselves further without a base, so this big building in a secret grotto will do! Can we take Alpha Base from the aliens and rescue the stranded crew? Next time on Halo SPV3; Stage 2: Halo. Now the adventure evolves.

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