Origional M1 Level Names
Posted By: SpookyDate: 7/9/19 2:16 p.m.

It seems that in the Original Level Names page many answers can be found not surprisingly on the Original Level Notes for Marathon page. There was lots of speculation perhaps without being armed with this information.

00 Arrival
01 You need a bigger gun
03 defense center
04 Water OFF / Couch Fishing
05 big level
06 smells like napalm, tastes like chicken
07 Fusion power / Cool Fusion
08 Reset Dish Hail Earthlings
09 Scared, Scarecrow?
10 back to save bob / Bob -B- Que (after a detour with durandal)
13 big stairway puzzle / “Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap”
14 Habe Quiddam
15 refuel & rearm to explore alien ship
16 phfor your eyes only (first alien level)
17 refuel & rearm to explore alien ship /
18 unphforgiven
19 two times two equals …
20 refuel & rearm
21 can't afford it / euphforia
22 phforaphobia (last alien level) (short)
23 so many choices, so little time / welcome to the revolution …
24 slave rebellion #1 / What is best in life?
25 slave rebellion #2 / Watch For Ice on Bridge
26 the end / Ingue Ferroque

|duction?| is most likely short for destruction as seen the hand written summary for the first computer terminal, 0 entry : Leelas foreshadowing of destruction.

Answers the Cool Fusion problem as you can see it was "Fusion power" switched to "Cool Fusion".

This solves the Bob -B- Que riddle. Two extra space characters would give the effect.

The list goes on as you can see but I'm not even sure if people just forgot to check the level notes. It does however suggest that some of the vestigial text recovered using Chisel does not in fact necessarily designate an actual title and may be more a placeholder in some cases.

Thanks guys,

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