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: Hey there everyone. I am a pretty big fan of Marathons story, but to be
: honest i've spent far more time reading the terminals on Marathon Story
: Page than playing the games. I recently learned some intriguing but vague
: things about the story for the mod Eternal and I was wondering if any one
: could fill me in on the details. Especially details concerning the Jjaro
: and their origins offered up in that mod. I can't find the information
: anywhere. Thank you and must appreciated!

I actually took a shot at summarizing Eternal's story in 2016; here's the original thread, with comments/corrections by Forrest. There's also a brief explanation of Eternal's Jjaro in the last page of this Pfhorums thread, and probably other places there.

Below is an attempt at a shorter summary (which, however redundant it may be with the aboce, I'm keeping because I sank too much time into it to just scrap the thing. :U):

Eternal takes place roughly one century after Infinity; Marcus Jones, the Security Officer of this scenario, returns to the UESC to find it on the losing end of the UESC-Pfhor War. Sometime in the interim S'bhuth went mad, directing the S'pht'Kr to turn against the humans; the UESC retained K'lia following that battle, but at the cost of their powerful S'pht allies. The only remaining hope for Earth is Marcus and Hathor, the latter of whom is a battleroid whose cybernetic junction was transferred to K'lia's network. Hathor is glad to work with Marcus again, but something feels a little...off.

The two are sent back in time to the battle of the UESC Marathon for the purpose to retrieving the other eight battleroids, with explicit orders not to interact with their past selves. In order to fully ascertain the other eight's locations on the colony, Hathor will need full access to the Marathon's network; she directs Marcus to areas of the ship where he can help her accomplish this, but halfway through, he's abruptly dumped onto the nearby Pfhor ship.

Marcus eventually escapes and returns to the Marathon, where it's not Hathor who explains what just happened, but Tycho. It wasn't an accident like Marcus assumed: Hathor has ulterior motives for this mission, and Marcus not getting kicked out for a bit would hinder them. Tycho, who's aware that there's some temporal shenanigans going on, offers to aid Marcus in stopping her from punishing humanity. They manage to prevent Hathor from leaving the Marathon, but her response is to hijack Tycho's core; the only method by which to defeat her now would be fatal for him. And for a moment, it seems like Tycho really will perish, until he figures out how to access Marcus's internal network (specific cybernetic enhancements that allow a person to ferry AIs in their head). Hathor has jumped forward in time, so Marcus and Tycho must follow her.

[Chapter 1's bad ending occurs if you decide to follow Hathor rather than Tycho in "Sakhmet Rising"; she instructs you to wreck Durandal's core and take his primal pattern. Makes things more convenient for the two of you, until you realize that Durandal was your best shot at repelling the Pfhor...]

In between the first of several time jumps, Marcus dreams of a barren floating island of sorts, where he speaks with the Durandal/Thoth hybrid; every conversation gives him some further insight into the situation. [If you hit a bad end, you run through Inti Station instead, where Thothandal hints at what you should do and sends you back to the point of path-split.]

Marcus and Tycho arrive on a Pfhor vessel, shortly after the Lh'owon campaign; as instructed, Marcus gives Tycho access to that ship's network--for which he inexplicably already has the subroutines to use, despite having no memory of where he could've gained them. While Tycho runs a self-diagnostic, he mentions that Hathor may have an accomplice, and sends Marcus to clean out the ship and take down its Controllers.

After Marcus completes this task, Tycho asks him if he remembers Leela. She's temporarily left the Vylae network (in a sense; she seems to be using a sort of cloned proxy, as her true self would never fit on a normal ship) to partner with Robert Blake, and their combined forces are busy battling the Pfhor on another planet; Leela appears to be Hathor's primary target, so Marcus is going to lend the former a hand.

Leela's glad to see Marcus again, thankfully, and she's got a much livelier personality than last he saw her with. There's a lot that needs to be done to help Blake's forces deal with the Pfhor and resume their trek home: namely, lowering the shields around the Pfhor's complex so that the 'Kr can blast it into slag.

As he's in the process of deactivating all the shields, Leela informs him that Tycho's newly-recruited cyborgs have helped him capture what ships in the fleet weren't rendered useless from damage, and he'll join the 'Kr in their assault. Just one problem: while destroying the complex will also take out many of the vital facilities housed there, it won't affect the starports--and Hathor's likely to take refuge in one. Leela says that she and Tycho will work together to trap and destroy her...

But when Marcus meets Tycho again, he's got his own plan to deal with Hathor. He's also acting stranger than usual due to that future-clone of his he unwittingly merged with upon entering the Pfhor network, but he insists that everything's fine. (Probably not helping Marcus's emotional state: he encounters Hathor again for the first time in hours, and she, too, sounds unlike the Hathor he knew...or, perhaps, never truly knew.) Ultimately, Marcus decides that he should trust Leela on this one; Hathor still escapes, but Leela's not giving up; using Marcus's cybernetic junction, the pair will leap after her through time yet again.

[Chapter 2's bad ending: Tycho's plan didn't work, either, but this time there's no pursuing Hathor. And there's a chance that Tycho allowed it to fail...]

This time, Marcus touches down in Lh'owon's ancient past, right in the middle of their civil war. In between dodging angry F'lickta and hostile S'pht'Mnr, Marcus finds a terminal with which Leela can transfer herself to the Citadel's network (itself more like a neural net than "conventional" cyberspace); while she makes absolutely sure that Hathor didn't arrive before they did, Marcus explores the Citadel. Eventually, he meets S'bhuth, who believes him to be Messenger of Yrro that can help K'lia flee the conflict; Marcus ends up doing some magma-diving and key-hunting in order to find and activate the necessary mechanisms. At the end of it, he finds the message Yrro left for the eleven clans, and the revelation that the edifice he stands in was meant to trap the W'rkncacnter.

S'bhuth lets Marcus know, in a slightly roundabout fashion, that Leela has at least found and trapped Hathor; the way the Citadel's network functions, Hathor will gradually fade into virtual nothingness. She and Marcus have an incredibly painful conversation while he's placing the chips that will freeze her, during which she claims that she foresaw all of this, and that the true ending of their battle will be far worse than Marcus could ever imagine. Despite his inner conflicts, Marcus inserts the last chip--

And abruptly finds himself tumbling out of a cryo pod. It's a thousand years later, the Pfhor are tearing Lh'owon many new craters, and the S'pht need his help. So he helps them, but at some point decides to inspect an out-of-the-way path rather than get back to mission control right away; it leads to him to Leela, now merged with S'bhuth.

The short version is: after Hathor fell dormant, Leela finally broke the encryption standing between her and K'lia, and found in its networks a badly-weakened S'bhuth. (As it turned out, the source of S'bhuth's madness was none other than Durandal, or rather his lingering influence on his S'pht crewmen.) The two's merger restored the 'Kr Older to their former self; this new human/S'pht entity used their newfound power to escape the universe and find the Outside, where Durandal/Thoth and the Jjaro reside.

Leela/S'bhuth also got a peek at the future, which has spiraled into chaos; she and Marcus must prevent this outcome by any means necessary, and the first step is to convince the present S'bhuth to fold K'lia out of the system. This will involve reactivating Thoth, which means a trip into his domain.

Eventually, Thoth's systems hum to life, but it's not him that greets Marcus: it's Hathor. This is Marcus's last chance to be forgiven, she tells him--but Marcus knows he can't take it, because that would mean allowing Hathor to enact her vengeance on millions of innocent people. As he later learns, Hathor's "rebirth" came about due to Leela rooting about in her mind; had she not done this, the network would have properly "forgotten" Hathor. And she's gained access to the future K'lia and fled once again, forcing Marcus and co. to resume the chase.

[Chapter 3 bad ending: If Marcus sticks around to repel the Pfhor, they hit the "pfhuck it" button and nuke the sun.]

This time they arrive in the year that the Drinniol rebelled against the Pfhor, to prevent Hathor from swiping the cyborg Drinniol leading said rebellion. First order of business is to destroy the station (Leela will warp the Drinniol off first, presumably); the next, to follow Hathor to the old Jjaro outpost below and prevent her from escaping with the trih xeem. Oh yeah, the Pfhor are going to deploy it soon, rather than waste more time on the Drinniol.

While he's busy shutting off the communication transmitters, Marcus notices that the pattern buffer in this outpost is visibly configured for humans. Why is that?..

He tries to call Leela, but there's heavy interference blocking the transmission; she seems to get through in the end, though, and guides him to the one transporter that will safely get him out of this mess...

Except he ends up floating in space. Leela teleports him to a Jjaro station and inexplicably yells at him for pulling such a stupid stunt--and now Marcus knows why "Leela" seemed so terse, and why S'bhuth suddenly clammed up.

Leela calms down and explains that the two (three?) of them have to prevent the Pfhor from taking this station--which means activating its self-destruct mechanisms. Once that's taken care of, the trio head for the nearby Pfhor vessel and engage in a bit of pest control for the benefit of the Drinniol. It seems as though Hathor's no longer of concern, and the only task left is to prevent the future S'bhuth from turning on humanity; to this end, they must head to a Jjaro installation, reawaken their biological forms, and convince them to use their ultimate weapon to eliminate the Pfhor Empire. Said reawakening will require a human genome...because the Jjaro are, themselves, human.

[Chapter 4 band ending: don't explore the Jjaro station thoroughly enough, and Hathor takes it for a joyride.]

Marcus arrives on the installation and makes contact with one of its AI, known only by their title of "the Watcher". Said installation is formally called the Sphere, and it's under attack by an unknown enemy. Mistaking Marcus for another Jjaro solider, the Watcher recruits him to beat back these creatures and keep them from destroying any more of the Sphere than they already have.

While he stocks up on ammo, Marcus hears Hathor's voice once again. They both foresaw these events, she claims, and that if Marcus can answer one question she tosses at him, then he can answer the rest.

He hasn't got much time to ponder the answers; next, he has to bring the Sphere's defenses back online. He acquires the necessary chip from the dying guardian of the Sphere, but the defense systems turn out to be too ravaged to function. However, the Watcher has a plan: force Hathor to relinquish an essential key, and they can fire the Sphere's primary weapon, eliminating the W'rk-things once and for all...

Along with every other living thing in the galaxy.

Marcus really doesn't want to do this, but if there's an awakening W'rkncacnter nearby and he can't stop it, then it won't make much difference, will it? He follows the Watcher's instructions, and unexpectedly gets one last chance to speak with a badly-damaged Hathor. She begs him to follow her instead, and find a way to plunge the W'rk back into the abyss without dooming the galaxy...but Marcus, understanding the true consequences of her plan, can't side with her, as much as he'd want to. He carries out the final step that the Watcher outlined.

Unfortunately, while the weapon did fire as intended (for all the good it really did), the Sphere is as good as lost, Hathor has merged with one of the operators in a final bid to escape, and all the Watcher can do is get Marcus to safety. Also, the Sphere's temporal field activated shortly after the primary weapon; it's now several million years later, and the Pfhor are bearing down on the Sphere.

With much effort, Marcus floods the Pfhor ship with its own coolant and, once back on the Sphere, tears across its canyons to reach the last docked vessel. He knows the way already--this is the same land in the sky he's been dreaming about.

The vessel isn't there--having already been taken by Hathor--but there's a message from Leela/S'bhuth; she can't follow him for fear of breaking her vow not to interfere with the past or succumbing to temptation to abuse his cynernetic junction, but she implores him to make things right. Nowhere to go but down into the hole where that ship would've been.

Marcus comes to on an empty K'lia, where Durandal/Thoth awaits. He explains to the weary battleroid that, in short, the Jjaro and W'rkncacnter have exacted a vicious cycle that the two (three?) of them are going to break. The journey will be longer and more difficult than any Marcus has faced before, but it's the only way the universe will know peace...

[Chapter 5 bad ending: Turns out Marcus should've questioned Hathor's plan a little harder, regardless of how sincere her intentions were this time.]

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