Re: M2 Win95 in German
Posted By: Shining RavenDate: 8/8/18 8:50 p.m.

In Response To: Re: M2 Win95 in German (General-RADIX)

: Whoops, didn't see that.

: Mr. Wimmer pointed me towards some magazine reviews that I don't think have
: been shown to the Story Page yet. Note that there's some sorta image
: protection on the scans, so you'll have to piece them together from
: screencaps like I just did if you wanna save 'em.

: There's three reviews (PC Joker, PC Player, and Power Play) and...none of
: them seem that favourable, unfortunately. Power Play's review mentions
: CyberMage: Darklight Awakening, the first time I've seen that game
: compared to Marathon.

: (By the way, I checked --CyberMage got higher marks from Power Play)

I shoved the PC Player review through OCR and Google translate, and then broke up the result into paragraphs for readability. Sadly the terminal screen was not clear enough, but the article came through:

Action game for advanced and professionals


Walking through armored corridors, opening doors, pressing buttons and looking at everything bright and monstrous - we've seen that before. And not only on the Macintosh ...

After seventeen years in a cold-sleep chamber, you are awakened by Durandal, the onboard computer of your battleship. Thousands of light-years from Earth, you are to spy on and detain a potential enemy of humanity on an unknown planet.

To do this you control your character with keyboard, joystick and mouse in first-person perspective through the three-dimensional landscape of the foreign world Lh'owon. The sprawling corridors of the enemy stations are already very confusing after some of the 40 levels; only the built-in Automap will help you. So that you will not be surprised by opponents suddenly surging behind gang bends, a motion sensor displays all moving objects. On a display you can read all the information about the status of your current equipment, including the values ​​for the protective shield and the air supply of the combat suit.

But action is only half the battle at Durandal: some switches open doors and make gangways appear, others activate pumps that flood the whole level with water or lava. In addition, there are data terminals that advance the course of action or teleports you to other locations. From time to time, the onboard computer sends armed civilians to the surface for your support, who act independently against enemy troops. This is also necessary because you must use the ammunition of your weapons very sparingly. Some opponents can be avoided and should not be considered - for the saved bullets you will be grateful elsewhere.

The manufacturer attaches great importance to the realistic physical model of the game - but much was not clear: they run over chasms, for example, and move in the water as fast as on land. The completely German game is not exactly a prime example of translation art: especially the manual tries too convulsively to be funny in many places.

Technical Tip: Thanks to several screen sizes and two resolutions Durandal is also playable on 486 computers, from a Pentium / 100 also runs the SVGA variant under Windows 95 reasonably fluid. (Af)

The graphics of the game seems sad and unadorned to the competition.

At some terminals, the game story is told.

Bloody Revenge: The explosion of an enemy caught one of our comrades.

And once again, a software house "delights" the market with a 3D action game. The only real advantage pulls Durandal from the availability for PCs and Macintosh computers. All other features of the game have been pre-excised in other members of the genre hundreds of times.

Some special things are annoying: I can only save the game at predetermined points in the level. the animations of the opponents have been far too sparse, and targeting without a built-in helper functions would be a bit difficult or crosshairs auto correction. The multiplayer mode with its interesting options does not get any further - this game is a bit below average.

Presentation: Bad
Equipment: Average
Game Depth: Average
Comfort: Bad
Multiplayer: Average
Translation: Bad

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