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Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 2/23/18 2:03 p.m.

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: Not too long ago I had an idea regarding the Greek pantheon and my
: interpretation of the Jjaro. To sum up: said pantheon was a family of
: rogue Jjaro who broke their all-important "no presenting yourselves
: as gods" rule (a thing not mentioned in canon, but something I figure
: would be vital for people who regularly create whole new species).

: Any commentary, ideas, etc. about this and the implications it'd hold for the
: rest of the classical myths welcome. I put many hours into that pic and I
: wanna use it to yak about stuff. :U (One thing of note, if you wanna
: specifically talk about Inmortalitas: it was Hector who was an incarnation
: of the Eternal Hero, not Achilles)

I'm starting to notice something about your art... your human characters suffer from only six faces. But that's an inaccurate label, because they all look like the same guy with one face. I thought these were all Gilgamesh/Enkidu/the SO cosplaying at first. It's especially noticeable when you have these galleries of characters.

Maybe it's time to tamper with the template and go off-model? I really admire when you go nuts with the aliens 'cuz you're forced to throw out the rules of human structure and make whatever you want out of 'em.

AND HOW DARE YOU SHILL THE SIDE ODYSSEUS WASN'T ON!!!!!! The world's first shipping war was resolved and hector lost out in the love triangle that's just the way it is.

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