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Posted By: MartinDate: 1/25/18 1:04 p.m.

In Response To: Re: M.C. Control (Lion O Cyborg)

: Realistically, (as far as can be done with myth anyway) Icarus would have
: passed out due to lack of oxygen from flying too close to the sun -and
: therefore further away from the breathable portions of the Earth's
: atmosphere- instead of the wings melting.

: Presumably he could have gone as far as at least the troposphere. Then if he
: kept ascending it would only be a matter of time particularly if he was
: flying on a diagonal heading directly toward where the sun appeared to be,
: as he'd have less far to go until the symptoms of going that high without
: protection kicked in.

: https://www.quora.com/Which-layer-of-the-atmosphere-is-the-most-dangerous-for-humans

: This interpretation of the Icarus myth sounds like it would fit G4 Sunbathing
: quite nicely, as Crater Icarus could be an outdoor landing pad on the
: Marathon, and the named for the fact the whole level is in Vacuum.

: The Marathon flew too close to the sun indeed. When the sun is a Pfhor pulse
: laser cannon.

That was nice work. I was thinking you were going too literal at first, but the way you worked it back to suit the level was cool :)

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