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Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 1/25/18 4:37 a.m.

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: Mythologically, Icarus was the Greek craftsman who, in trying to escape from
: Crete by fabricating a pair of wings to fly with, ignored the warnings of
: his father and flew too close to the sun out of pride, and plummeted to
: his death when his wings melted. I think this meshes nicely with the
: overall theme.

Realistically, (as far as can be done with myth anyway) Icarus would have passed out due to lack of oxygen from flying too close to the sun -and therefore further away from the breathable portions of the Earth's atmosphere- instead of the wings melting.

Presumably he could have gone as far as at least the troposphere. Then if he kept ascending it would only be a matter of time particularly if he was flying on a diagonal heading directly toward where the sun appeared to be, as he'd have less far to go until the symptoms of going that high without protection kicked in.


This interpretation of the Icarus myth sounds like it would fit G4 Sunbathing quite nicely, as Crater Icarus could be an outdoor landing pad on the Marathon, and the named for the fact the whole level is in Vacuum.

The Marathon flew too close to the sun indeed. When the sun is a Pfhor pulse laser cannon.

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