Re: Official W'rkncacnter art
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 9/19/17 1:29 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Official W'rkncacnter art (Godot)

: You may be referring to a submission by Locucious on the W'rkncacnter
: section. He pointed out that there was a non-Marathon pic by Craig Mullins
: which he thought looked like a W'rkncacnter. The link to that image is
: long gone.

: http://www.goodbrush.com/hirez_pgs/concept/concept2/creature.htm

: But thanks to the planetary size archives of the Story page you can now see
: it again here.


: Bungie never did an official image of the W'rkncacnter. I mean how could
: you... folks can't even utter the name... never mind look at one. ;)

: Cheers
: Hamish

Alrighty, glad that's resolved.

How could the guy think that's a w'rk when that thing could just fly out of the sun if it wanted to?

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