Re: Ancient S'pht wardrome
Posted By: GodotDate: 9/12/17 7:04 a.m.

In Response To: Ancient S'pht wardrome (Forrest of B.org)

: A thought occurred to me tonight.

: I've always thought that the Mullins chapter screen for Antiquity showing a
: S'pht dressed like the Compilers were see as enemies in the game was a
: continuity error, considering that Bungie's own internally illustrated
: terminal picts in Marathon 2 show S'pht from a thousand years ago that
: don't look like that.

: But it occurred to me that all those S'pht in the terminal picts are being
: subjugated by the Pfhor, and so may have just been stripped naked while
: being marched onto slave ships or subjugated to questionable medical
: procedures. And maybe the ancient S'pht, in their day to day lives, were
: wrapped in cloaks just like the Compilers, and that chapter screen is not
: in error after all.

Finding it a little hard to believe that the Pfhor would allow their genetically engineered S'pht slaves to dress like the 1000 year old free S'pht.

I watched the theatrical cut of Blade Runner again after a couple of decades. Chuckled at the 4/6 replicants continuity error. I love Blade Runner, errors and all. Maybe more so because it is not perfect.

I also love Marathon, errors and all.


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