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: Wow. I really enjoyed reading that. For a while now I've been wishing for a
: novelization of some kind, but its cool to see someone who's actually
: taken the time to write something out.

Thanks. ^^

: Regardless, I'd still be interested to hear your take on the ramifications of
: a Jjaro Cyborg SO

Hm...well, it was mentioned in an interview (with Mr. Kirkpatrick, I think) somewhere that by the end of Infinity, the SO had become a god (suggesting that Thothandal's 'you are Destiny' line wasn't merely a metaphor), so that's a thing to keep in mind.

To get into this, I guess I have to describe how I interpret the Jjaro: as immortal humans who live outside the known universe, whose neural implants grant them psionic abilities like short-range teleportation. (The 'actually humans' bit was apparently Jason Jones's original plan for Halo's Forerunners, who were going to be the Jjaro, by the way)

Vince (the SO), with his neural implants, is at the very least now half-Jjaro by technicality. Once he fully activates them, he can potentially begin learning all the standard Jjaro abilities at reduced risk to himself (trying to, say, slow down time with half-activated implants = bad for you). Given the events of Infinity, I think the canon SO could go down a similar path.

(If need be, Vince could also hop timelines like in Infinity; for simplicity's sake, I don't plan on having that need arise in my AU)

Besides the transhumanism/'JJaro = human' subject, the first major ramifications to come to mind involve the SO's relationship with Durandal. Basically, the SO is now a lot more powerful than him, and achieved godhood sooner. Based on how Durandal treats the SO in M2 and Infinity (as more of a partner, usually), I don't think anything bad would come of it, but it would, at the very least, make Durandal rather pensive for a while.

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