Tour of Duty DiaBD: Liberty Bell
Posted By: MartinDate: 7/11/17 1:28 p.m.

The title doesn't allow enough characters, but this should do!

As per last time, if we took the secret exit to You, that’s who, we were actually informed as to where we were going: the recreation level. The secret level removes the Pattern Buffer and 1x recharger from the level, and maybe adds some additional enemies, but the two are otherwise the same, and I will continue as writing for the normal version.

I had to look up about the Liberty Bell; I assume a lot of you US types will know about it :), but anyway, Wikipedia suggests that there was a story that the crack appeared when the bell was rung after the death of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835. In any case, it sounds like the poor thing has had a tough history, and we don’t want to add to that – I guess the secret level’s negative connotations are just as read.

This is quite a short level, again more in the M1 style, both in terms of its size, and in that we have to run around to find a switch to activate a lift right near where we start. Not as complicated in design as the likes of Habe Quiddam in the respect, but it does its job.

We start in view of a terminal, which conveniently repeats description of where we are and what we are up to: clearing out the intruders from the recreation level. Or it used to be the recreation level at least – I guess people stopped coming here for all the pirates?

The bit about the armoured vehicle in the pool area ends up being quite amusing – we’ll get there in a bit. First we proceed the only way we can, and it is really dark! We find one Fighter nearby, and killing him attracts another one behind us. The area right here seems to be like a locker room – a dozen little cupboard spaces we can open, but there is nothing of interest to be found. One gun in a pile of blood hopefully suggests a reaction to the invasion rather than part of normal recreation….

The door down to the pool is here as well, in the wall to the south, again hard to see in the dark, but a switch just through the door at least turns on the lights down the spiral staircase towards it. We see and hear the Juggernaut we suspected was in play as we arrive. Not a good look with minimal weapons and ammo to hand, but we did have that hint in the terminal.

After a little searching, we find a door to the left. It leads to a staircase, and a switch that raises the wall to separate the adults’ pool from the children’s pool, in quite a violent fashion – with enough force to totally take out that Juggernaut anyway! And we get to watch that happen from the little window at the top of the stairs. Fun!

Back out in the pool we find an Assault Rifle and a little ammo. The water in here is actually connected to the flooded maintenance tunnels above that we read about. It would be interesting to know how this all played out in the M1 version before we had water!

Back up the stairs, we hang a right and follow around. One innocuous Fighter stands guard, but when we engage it, about a dozen Projectile Fighters spawn in in the room behind it. The count may be higher in the secret version of the level, but it is significant either way!

It can be useful to run straight past and down the stairs beyond. These lead to a large open room with pillars about the place. Not sure what this was in recreation terms. There is an invisible Compiler down there, and he will turn on the Fighters if you bring them down to him, which is very helpful. There was also a light switch for down here, but if running past you probably didn’t get time to hit it. On the normal level there is a Pattern Buffer and a 1x recharger down here in the corner as well, and either way there is a switch.

Again this is a dead end room and we have to head back up the stairs. The room where all those fighters ported in has reasonably typical shining, flashing textures in what looks like the spawn point, but it causes quite a bit of screen tearing at least for me, when not looking straight ahead. Also not sure of its recreational uses.

The switch down below was not the one to give us access to the maintenance tunnels. There is another door out to the northwest from the locker bay, and two rooms beyond that. One to the right contains an invisible Compiler and some pillars on a brightly lit floor. Kind of a mini version of the downstairs space – like a private dancefloor with obstacles?

The other room at the end of the corridor was opened by the switch down below. It contains some Drones, and entering it spawns one in behind us as well, for good measure. There is a little magnum ammo and a switch. This time we have access to the tunnels! We head back to the start of the level and find the lift raised, so we have to wait.

The tunnels are quite maze-like, and based on what the final terminal says if we head straight for it:

we have to explore the whole thing. It involves a number of spiralling dead ends and encounters with Drones as well as Sewage and Water F’lickta, which can be surprising, but are not too much trouble in the tight corridors. They are all independent and no one seems to actually come looking for us. There is not much more of interest to find in the maze, unfortunately.

When we find the end terminal room, there are two more F’lickta inside it just for a final surprise. It is easiest to draw them out to fight, especially when ammo tends to be an issue. When we have done our job to Merlin’s satisfaction, he tells us as much, but it seems he’s still having some trouble staying in control. He doesn’t have the chance to give us any information about our next mission as such, so we’ll just have to remain in suspense. I believe Perseus was going to handle the next one; will just have to make sure that’s still the plan :).

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