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Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 4/5/17 1:43 a.m.

In Response To: Old Japanese fan-stuff (General-RADIX)

: Tossing some things I came across the other day up here.

: * Four fics by a fellow named Yaichi: 'Trooper' , 'Fighter' , 'Hunter' ,
: and 'Miha師を待ちながら' (I'm
: fairly certain that last one is a humour fic).

: * One by site owner hiro-king, 'Kr' ; seems to concern the return of the
: S'pht'Kr to Lh'owon.

: Given how my last major translation attempt went, I'm just gonna say that
: while Google Translate still ain't perfect, you should be able to get the
: gist of what's going on.

: * A short comic by Lem (scroll to the bottom; it's under 'Marathon
: Fantasy').

: (These are all Wayback Machine links, so parts of the rest of these sites
: don't work. All the images in that comic have been archived, though)

If it was just in Kana, namely hiragana, I could try and read it raw, though I wouldn't know the meaning of half the words (still learning), but it uses a lot of kanji and I can't read kanji; I've only recently started my practice with compound hiragana.

Still, rather good. The images in the fan comic are nice too. わたし は すき です。 たぶん、わたし の ともだち  きこ さん が ほん やく する? (I used google translate for how to spell ほん やく する.)

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