Re: Pathways into Data
Posted By: xcaliburDate: 3/14/17 3:44 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Pathways into Data (Mark Levin)

: Didn't Pathways 2.0 have these?

Yes it did, I should've mentioned that.

: I'm not familiar with either of these, can you elaborate?

The slowdown glitch is what it sounds like -- after performing certain actions (such as checking the map), the game will run much more slowly for a brief period of time. It often clears up in a couple seconds, but sometimes it takes longer.

The gold room glitch is triggered when talking to the German in the room full of gold ingots behind the gold door. Certain key words cause the conversation to stop working properly, and it becomes impossible to close the dialogue window. The only way you can keep playing is by moving the window to the background.

: This typo actually been in the game from the beginning, I was just as
: surprised to notice it when I did. It's present in the map viewer page
: and also shows up in the screenshot LP . The OS X port is reading the
: same map file internally so the name is still misspelled.

In my copy of Pathways 1.1, the title is "Where Only Fools Dare Tread" without the typo. http://imgbox.com/fMQyjjGj

I'll admit, I overlooked Pathways 2.0. The fact that the port was based on 2.0, rather than the earlier versions, explains some of these differences.

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