Enforcer Confusion
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 1/28/17 3:35 a.m.

I don't yet know if this has been pointed out elsewhere before but remember how Leela tells us that the enforcers don't attack humans and only other Pfhor?

Oddly, the report indicated that this new pfhor fired only upon other pfhor and never on any humans.

This obviously doesn't apply to us because our buddy Marcus/Vincent etc. is not fully human. The enforcers were probably directing the other clans to stop being too brutal with their captives as you can't use an injured slave.

However, where is the evidence to support that statement? The enforcers attack BOBs as well as you in the sequels because they are working directly for Durandal and capturing them isn't a priority here.

But we never see enforcers in the same maps as BOBs in Marathon 1 so do they even have AI that stops them attacking BOBs and only fighting other pfhor and you?

Monster infighting could help explain it but I never really saw enforcers shooting their peers on M1 Boomer in the way that Leela explained.

Granted I was mostly taking cover from their scatter rifles and trooper's grenades but they only seemed to attack other pfhor if they were shot first which shouldn't really count as such because all the Pfhor and their slaves did that, it was standard FPS AI at the time.

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