Re: Original-to-XBLA sprite comparisons
Posted By: Durandal_1707Date: 5/20/16 8:10 a.m.

In Response To: Original-to-XBLA sprite comparisons *LINK* (General-RADIX)

: Misewell cross-post this here. I didn't remember seeing any other
: side-by-side comparisons of Marathon 2's original sprites with the XBLA
: port's, so once Hopper pointed me towards Aorta, I put these together.

: Most of the changes are pretty minor, and then you get to the Security
: Officer. There's been jabs at his "Marine tights", but at least
: he had chest armour (note: I'm actually fine with his XBLA redesign, just
: confused that everyone else remained mostly the same).

Why are there HD versions of the M1 Compilers? I thought these sprites were only used in M2.

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