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Posted By: HelviusRufusDate: 4/20/16 9:22 a.m.

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: Fascinating. Is that an austrailian dialect?

Nar, 36.11N 97.06W, itís on Jaimec close to Radine.

: Is this the only writeup we'll ever see from you?

There could be more.

Iíve started writing them several times but have gotten bogged down on this or that (unable to insert Gorey panel "Beware of this and that"), but this one just started and kept growing.

At the aerie when I found that I had to go back to the valley floor, I thought of Led Zeppelin and Moses, then on the lip of the canyon I thought of Coke (and by Coke I mean the universally loved and reviled beverage and not the illicit drug or processed coal fuel), then in the submarine I thought of cruise ships, elevator operators, and I couldnít pass up the Fauna au Jus. And, of course, the rude talkin Ė slow walkin Fílickta who reminded me it always pays to be polite even as I shot them just to hear them speak.

It simply wrote itself.

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