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Thanks. XD Addressing points from both replies:

On Durandal not noticing something familiar about the Pfhor's tech: hadn't thought of it. :/ Although, at this point, he'd be more concerned with hailing the ship than spending time examining it in detail and possibly blowing his chance.

: I think it's interesting that labtops will still be around in 2794, and I
: thought all the AIs had the standard green marathon avatar before the
: pfhor got Tycho.

Laptops seem like they have just enough useful features to not be phased out entirely (I could be hilariously wrong, but then, tablets usually annoy me too often to hold much appeal to me). Tycho's colour already being red (and Leela's, blue) is mostly personal preference.

: There was some thesaurus abuse in this. I had to go to wiktionary at least
: three times for words I wouldn't think are in the SO's vocabulary.

Eheh. XD; Well, if Infinity's dream terminals are from the SO's point of view, his vocab isn't what I'd call limited... (What words were those, out of curiosity?)

: If it's an eleven light-year wait, how come Leela's light speed warning takes
: 90+ years to reach earth? Lol.

I read that Bungie overshot the distance between Earth and Tau Ceti and that it's only eleven-or-so light years away, so I went with that.

: I thought that conversation with Tycho was foreshadowing that Durandal found
: a way to use the ship's sensors and discovered the pfhor, but the ending
: is when he first discovers them?

Durandal was starting to wonder if there were other ships around that he could use to ditch the Marathon (in a "frustration is making my mind wander" sense), but was barred access from the sensors and thus had no way of checking for any.

That conversation -did- have to be tweaked after I thought to have Vincent hand him that override on good faith; originally, IIRC, Durandal had actually spotted the Pfhor ship, but then I ran into a mental snag. Logically, he wouldn't be able to go poking around in those kinds of systems without outside help; he was meant to handle purely-mundane stuff and wouldn't have permission to fiddle with anything that could get the ship in trouble. At least, I think.

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