PID Tour of Duty Chapter 3
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 10/10/15 3:10 a.m.

Chapter 3: From front to back all I see is stones...

Last time on Tour of Duty, we went upstairs to reach a small vault containing the yellow Isfet Crystal and used it to speak to the amnesiac Nazi on the Ground floor. He told us that if we play a brass instrument on the blue rune in the middle of the foyer, the locked doors leading underground will open (yay). Unfortunately, other than the device Muller used, the only one we can find is in the capstone at the top of the pyramid past all kinds of nasties (boo).

After reloading my Nightmaren savegame, I ascend the ladder to Lock&Load.

I decide to take the right door, behind which are several rooms of headlesses and an extra pistol whose ammo I loot. Iíll spare you the journey to the next save rune but I did manage to perform a tricky dodge between a V of two puke balls in one of the archways and even then at least one of those headlesses was softened up by two others.

(above is a quote from the original. I don't know if it's in the dub)

After saving I go into a side room filled with columns and find my first real treasure which brings me up to 4 XP and a total of 8 HP: an Emerald!

There may not be much thatís interesting but itís worth 11.9 thousand US dollars. (How much is that in pounds Sterling?) I think Iíll keep it around to decorate the living room with.

Anyhoo, sorry this write-up took so long even at time of writing as I havenít had time to write it until now. My own private Lhíowon is now closed for the winter so I may have more time at weekends, other stuff notwithstanding. Itís also now 7:00 Sunday and 16:17 Saturday IRL British time.

After killing two more squids and a skelly, I loot a German corpse and talk to him.

I know the feeling man. When I think of K.A.P, I grow very cold and twitch a little too.

Two forces whose balance should have stabilised. Slowly decaying balance.

Then nothing.

Before my visual circuits start corroding from salt water damage, I continue on to the other door.

Down the hallway leading north, I get ambushed by at least two or three headless in a narrow corridor beside a door.

Oh shit! I thought Iíd made it out through the side door, taking a couple of hits in the process but now this other door in the middle east of the map has locked, trapping me inside with the headless and skeletons.


That was easier than I thought. Leroyís plan actually worked this time. Too bad heís a skeleton now, only heís still conscious and trying to fight back the zombie virus.

Both doors are closed so I will nap for 30-40 minutes.



Urrgh. Tailmon? How did you get here? Where am I? Is Hikari with you? Ah yes. Hang on what are you two doing? Oh I feel stronger when you do that, though I donít think Taichi and Takeru will approve. Thank you, IÖ


*gasp!* ach! Where am I? Aw crud I was enjoying that dream! How often does a marine or future cyborg playing as a marine get to Jogress Evolve? John spent 4 years in the freezer in space while I only get half an hour on the cold, dirty floor in a dark pyramid.

Hang on, I didnít know that Skitters appeared on this floorÖ oh, ew. Moving right along through the locked door, I encounter two headlesses who are keen to blast each other with their own gunk, making killing the first one easier.

The halls loop back around to the west, to the first half of the side door where another headless is wandering. I take the path north I missed earlier which takes me to a room in the upper west with a save rune and two doors facing each other; a warped and nasty version of Letís make a Deal.

Door number 1 on the left has two headless and a skeleton. Door number 2 has exactly the same, plus a back room with a Nazi in it, guarded by two more Kraken pants.

He then says I have a Yankee accent even though I think ďYankeeĒ is a derogatory term for New Yorkers and not just Americans in general. I donít think Eddings is from New York but what do I know? Maybe Iím just thinking of the Yankees baseball team, I loved baseball in school.

This guyís name is Gunther. I ask what happened to his friends: Hans was the Grif so he was on ammo duty. Behrens wasnít well known by him. He liked Joachim and hopes heís okay. Spoiler alert: heís not.

Well if you wanted orange, I guess you got it. He gives us Cyberdemon advice for the skeletons and like the others, he hates Muller. Leaving Gunther I backtrack to the east loop and part two of Letís make a deal.

My reward for both doors is two columned rooms with headlesses inside them and a save rune in the back of number 2 (which isnít marked on the map and I donít remember using Anywhere here). This room also contains a row of columns to the east and the ladder upstairs in the northwest corner.

Now before I go upstairs after saving in a new slot, I asked a while back if I should use the warp zone to skip to the uppermost level below the top. You decided I shouldnít so I will bypass it.

If you want to use it yourself, itís behind a fake wall behind a false pillar in the southwest room. (the fake one doesnít show on the map)

The warp zone has a tear leading to ďBut theyíre hungryĒ and one leading to ďEvil Undead Phantasms must die.Ē

I will however, take the EUPMD warp zone back down again after I get the Jjaro flute to save precious minutes. I donít know what path to take on But theyíre hungry just yet.

Climbing up the ladder, I find a headless camping the top and I fall back down the ladder on my ass when I dodge his bile.

Climbing up again, I round the corner and present the next map.

We are in a small junction above the south ladder. There is a body in the room to the northwest of us so we will go there first. I have to kill quite a few skeletonís and headless to get to it.

Another Nazi trinket for the canvas bag, I also loot the clip from his pistol.

Not on this floor they arenít, and thereís only one just upstairs. What are they anyway?

They sound a little like tigers from Tomb Raider 2 actually, or maybe a different enemy completely, I canít remember.

This man is Hans, who carried the ammo for the soldiers. He tells me he pulled a Grif and stashed it in a skull somewhere. Itís the only room where the search command is worth a damn other than corpse looting.

He doesnít seem to know Gunther at all but he knew little about Behrens and Joachim. Muller never told him anything either.

They also wasted all their grenades on headlesses so I canít get any up here. :(

I am missing some information like Gunther telling us about how death feels and Iím not showing all the dialogs but that is to avoid filling up the memory as this is a long game with lots of dialog but Iíll try and cover important parts and any highlights if I remember.

I continue northeast killing zombies and headlesses before finding a room full of bones.

When I search the inanimate skeleton in the corner, I find Hansí ammo stash!

Past the winding cobblestone passage next to the bones I come across a lovely columned room in the middle of the map.

The two ladders to But theyíre hungry are down the paths in front of me a bit like on the ground floor but we want to find the second body in the north-most hall.

I take a bit of damage from two skeletons near that room but it was worth it as I now hold a silver bowl which is worth 1XP.

It says thereís not much interesting but I disagree. It is made of a near-priceless metal and I can use it for eating my cream of mushroom or lentil soup.

The German in the room I passed canít remember who he is but he does know about some Spanish-speaking people: one of them walked through a false wall across from the Germanís body.

The usual things apply to monsters here though Hans ran into some skeletons after Mrs Amnesiac died. Heís particularly upset about the headless.

He hasnít much else to say so I walk through the fake wall and retrieve the blue crystal.

I actually have a blue crystal myself (made of glass I think) that looks like the blue Chaos Emerald.

In fact, my old school friend Kristina has an image on her blog of something that looks a lot like this very blue crystal in Pathways, which I re-blogged in my log.

Blue Crystal in real life?

(the image wouldn't appear when I tried to imbed it so here's a link)

Iíve decided to take the right path of But theyíre hungry as thereís a body I can loot along the way. I make my way through a hoard of skeletons and headless, taking two ammo clips from side rooms along the way and save my game.

I then get some sleep and save again. Now itís time for me to get some sleep for real at time of writing as itís after 10:30PM.

Iíll be rambling PID again in Chapter 3: Ö Iím glad that I donít own this room.

Nighty Night.

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