Hats Off to 1319!!1!
Posted By: poena.dareDate: 9/19/15 8:53 a.m.

Hats off to 1319!
Hats off to 819!

It's been 20 years... TWENTY FREAKIN YEARS! Two decades. A generation.

Sometimes, in the dark night of my soul, I worry that Hamish will publish all the disturbing emails I sent him. The crazy ideas, the major failures of logic because I didn't read the terms carefully enough, the impassioned pleas of platonic love, the unwanted Pfhor/S'pht slashfic...

And no matter how repulsive or illogical or demented my emails were, Hamish treated each one with the good humor and patient civility that one reserves for a beloved grandparent one isn't quite ready to push down the stairs. I should be so lucky to have more people like Hamish in my life!

We can only imagine the powerful force of curiosity that drove Hamish to start documenting things. Once his razor sharp analytical mind was on the task so many hidden things came to light that Bungie was forced to pay him to keep quiet. With that money Hamish created the Marathon's Story website and filled it with cleverly crafted red herrings so no one would discover the tru7h.

I firmly believe that Bungie would be a 7.7% less interesting company if it wasn't for Hamish. Today, you can't buy this kind of fan support.

I have been so fortunate to have been around when so many great things unfolded because of Marathon's Story. I have felt the brush of Matt Soell's tender lips on the back of my neck. I have stood on the spot that Greg Kirkpatrick pooped himself. I have walked in the parking lot where Ryan Martell scored a dime bag. I have experienced both smiles and glares from Nathan Bitner. I have heard Doug Zartman's muffled voice come from his grandmother's closet. I have touched women that have touched Jason Jones. I plucked a thread from the hem of Alex Seropian's shirt during a particularly sweaty workout session. I would never been able to stalk so many for so long if it wasn't for this website.

Sometimes I wonder if Hamish is actually the reason Bungie exists. That we are all players in his fevered dream. And when he awakes we will be but the crashing waves that he escapes into.

I love you Hamish. I love Forrest and Gholsbane and Treellama and Bob-B-Q and so many others that have made this 20 year odyssey chock full of wonder, revelation, and bad puns.

Hats off to us all!

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