Re: found a gem
Posted By: xcaliburDate: 7/23/15 5:23 a.m.

In Response To: Re: found a gem (Godot)

: Are you sure this is correct? It doesn't sound right and it is also way too
: large compared to any other sound in PID.

: I am also surprised that this isn't in President People's sound folder.

: Of course it may have been removed to protect the innocent.

: Cheers
: Hamish

PPs sound folder seems to match the resource fork in the sound file. I don't know why it's not there. It's not as bizarre as the world fading into oblivion from the awakening of a godlike being of chaos, but it's weird.

I can testify that this sound is accurate to pathways v1.1. you can test it out the same way I did, by resting until just before 6:13pm on friday. as Viking pointed out, it overlaps exactly with the screen fading to black.

The only explanation I can think of is that the program took some other sound, distorted it, and played it back in rapid sequence. but I'm just guessing.

Ridiculously enough, I recorded this by putting headphones to a microphone. It still came out accurately, although there's a slight pop at the end (maybe I should redo it?) I'm a perfectionist but I'm not going to order a wire just for this. Unless I can convert a screen capture to an audio file, but I'm not familiar with that.

: If you pay attention ingame, it seems to not be the god itself, but the sound
: of the world blackening as it awakens. It is really bizarre. I was
: expecting massive explosions or unearthly screeches when the time comes,
: but the world just... disappears.

: The other sound (when you're asleep) sounds like the rats in We Can See in
: the Dark. Kinda underwhelming.

I think the resting sound was done for some other enemy that got scrapped, and they stuck that sound there because they were rushed and had nowhere else to put it. It certainly isn't godlike.

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