Re: Random MIDA theory
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 7/2/15 6:43 p.m.

In Response To: Random MIDA theory (Philtron)

: I was reading the terminal on "the Rose" in the original Marathon,
: and I came across this passage about MIDA: The organization has survived
: as an underground terrorist organization, and remains active to this day.
: In its underground state, it fosters terrorism throughout Sol, and due to
: its spectacular funding and excellent personnel , it has grown to be one
: of the most feared terrorist groups active anywhere in Sol.

: The term "excellent personnel" seems odd to me. Like, do they have
: really good secretaries and clerical aides? Probably not what it means.
: I'm assuming it means they have really good soldiers since they're a
: terrorist group.

: And that's when I had a random idea. What if the "excellent
: personnel" that MIDA have are actually the military cyborgs? I
: haven't delved too deep in the story page to see if it's possible.

: We know that Martian insurgents (which I'm assuming is synonymous with MIDA)
: hid ammo and weapons on the Marathon thanks to what Durandal tells us on
: Blaspheme Quarantine. Could MIDA also have smuggled the 10 cyborgs onto
: the Marathon?

...yes? That's basically what happened. It's more canon than it is a theory. Bernhard Strauss was a MIDA agent and he got the cyborgs smuggled on board. He then proceeded to experiment on Durandal in an attempt to create controlled rampancy. I think they wanted to use rampant AIs to their own ends.

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