Re: Tour of Duty: Gates of Delirium / Repository O
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 3/31/15 5:25 p.m.

In Response To: Tour of Duty: Gates of Delirium / Repository One (Martin)

I youtube'd the Interstellar theme and listened to it while reading :)

Those 3D maps are neat; I'm assuming there was some program at the time that eats a marathon map and spits out a 3D rendering... or did they actually go through the effort to hand make those separately?

I can read the terminals without zooming in on them in full size on a new tab now! You listened to my advice/complaint =)

The writers got the personality of a renaissance artist just the way I like it — what's extolled as their most famous works today are church commissions I imagine they didn't want to make, but had to take the job so they could get paid. Poor Michelangelo broke his back... =(
But we got a great Simpsons episode out of his labor =)

Anyway, that's why I find Leo's contempt of the priests to be legit characterization.

The vitruvian man thing, though... I'm kinda sure that's a diagram to show how to draw a human figure to form different poses in motion, or at least how to not screw up the proportions when attempting it.

: So they’re going to work on setting up pattern buffers … but someone beat
: them to it! And they’ve made it so we can understand the language, but we
: shouldn’t bother? Curious attitude from the developers there :). And
: again, we already could understand it – are our Jjarro implants at work
: again here? Also, the fact that they think they can hide our presence, and
: all the Pfhor both dead and alive, on Earth, really has me questioning the
: nature of our visit again. I mean I know we don’t see any people, but
: really, what’s the deal here? And finally, why are our weapons being
: replicated by a Pfhor computer? I thought this was a S’pht ship.

: Unfortunately, without our being able to tell -them- about the pattern buffer
: we already found, and before we can ask any of those questions, we’re sent
: hurtling back down to the surface. Why do our masters always have to be so
: vague :)?

I chalk that up to "They did all that stuff before they said they were going to do it," but I guess there could be other forces at work...

They're using a pfhor device because, being renegade pfhor slaves, their ships are all former pfhor ships. Unless this ship was brought to us by the s'pht'kr. They added the time travel tunnel and the repository room. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention in the last entry to the details of the ship.

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