Re: Hello my name is John Romero...
Posted By: NarcogenDate: 3/13/15 4:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Hello my name is John Romero... (Martin)

: Woohoo. I dub myself "triggerer of coincidences". That was a lot of
: fun, as ever. The network issues at the end especially, and funk seemingly
: just exploding like a PiD Nightmare. I kept thinking you guys need to play
: Mevo and the Grooveriders, to restore funk to the universe :D. It is an
: awesome rhythm game, only a shame the developers lost interest. Any excuse
: to mention it!

: That terminal that shows where the circuits are, yeah I fully get why you
: were looking for them on the outside ... but interesting also to see that
: you -can- hit them from outside the coolant. Agreed on the looks of the
: ship - even better than Durandal's psychedelic phase in M2!

: You missed a few bits simply because they were so missable, but not too much
: dallying in general, just some sense-of-directionally-challenged times :).
: Also, klaxxon fun, and I loved how they felt the need to be manual
: klaxxons over your reading later on.

: I think that might be the last time Blackstar refers to the Earth levels as
: relaxing ... but we'll see ;). They are definitely pretty though. You
: should probably familiarise yourself with the spoiler guide at
: nardo.bungie.org before too long - definitely before Theater of Pain. How
: far in are you guys now?

We've recorded up to level 6 so far and will be recording more this weekend.

: Oh, and yeah, it certainly isn't Destiny. Are you guys still playing that? I
: ditched before the expansion; had got my warlock to 30. I just found that
: Bungie's methodology for "hard" was not very interesting, and I
: was too prone to dying for it lol.

Yes, we are! Our Vault of Glass hard mode run goes up this weekend. I'm not playing as much as I used to, now that I have three full sets of raid armor from End of Crota, but I fully expect to be back playing a lot when the next expansion drops.

Destiny really is a different beast and has multiple phases-- the last being one where the Raid is the only thing left to do. I seem to be in the minority that likes End of Crota better than Vault of Glass-- mostly because it is better supported narratively and better integrated into the rest of the game.

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