Return to Marathon switch issue
Posted By: Tonix777Date: 2/8/15 9:06 a.m.

Hi all

I was part of the team that made Return to Marathon scenario many years ago and I recently I downloaded Marathon Durandal on Xbox and me my son Manuel (7) are playing and enjoying some nostalgia for me and new adventures for him

My son love Marathon Durandal and I want to show him the Return to Marathon scenario

I finally made RtM it work using Aleph One and some MML Script made long time ago by Raul Bonilla who I believe used to be part of the A1 developing team

Now I am trying to fix a small issue I discovered in RtM while playing: in some locations there is a kind of switch that needs an ID card, and is not working properly in level 2 "Pforkenstein" and it is important for the plot and the game flow

I got the map editor "Forgery 0.1.0" but doesn't open the map, perhaps maps needs to be un-merged before editing as it was many years ago?
I am rusty on this :)
The shapes editor "Shape Fusion 0.6" works ok
Or perhaps this issue is something that can be solved on RtM's MML Script…

I really would like to fix it before re-upload it for distribution, perhaps you know the whereabouts of Raul Bonilla?
I need his current email address, I have in file biomeca@hotmail.com but apparently is not working anymore

If you don'r have info about Raul Bonilla, do you know anyone with the skills and willing to help?


Antonio de Llamas

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