Re: FOV in Rubicon and Eternal
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 1/29/15 6:36 p.m.

In Response To: FOV in Rubicon and Eternal (konkeydong420)

: Anyone know how to edit the field of view in these third party scenarios? The
: usual method of sticking a .mml file in the scripts folder isn't working.
: I'm stumped, since this method works fine for other third party scenarios,
: like Tempus Irae and Phoenix.

: One thing I've noticed is that the directory structure is differs in Eternal
: and Rubicon from other scenarios -- but I haven't been able to find any
: insights. Although, I have noticed that LUA scripts work fine in the
: Scrips folder (just not the .mml I need).

: Any advice? Am I just gonna have to deal with it?

I suspect the problem, in Eternal's case at least but likely also in Rubicon's, is that Eternal has MML specifying the FOV parameters already. And it's in the level MML for that matter, so it is always executed after any external MML files, so your MML file can't override it. (It's not in the level MML for that purpose, that's just a side-effect: some levels have an intentionally modified FOV, so every level has a specified FOV, either normal or intentionally weird).

I think the only solution would be to split the map file, edit the level MML, and remerge a new map file.

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FOV in Rubicon and Eternalkonkeydong420 1/29/15 2:49 p.m.
     Re: FOV in Rubicon and EternalForrest of B.org 1/29/15 6:36 p.m.

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