Re: I don't know Davey
Posted By: Durandal_1707Date: 9/6/14 10:41 p.m.

In Response To: Re: I don't know Davey (PerseusSpartacus)

: Okay, this is the last level I started to play of this scenario, and I do
: remember the completely invisible Devlin, but I never got any further than
: that. Now, on this film, there are at least two bad mistakes you made.
: First of course was the switch you didn't notice getting toggled by BS'
: Shotgun. However, you did make another one in your solo play. Namely, you
: could've gone back to the 2x Charger after getting reduced to a sliver of
: health after having already reloaded and redone the entrance to the ship,
: but for some reason thought (and said) you couldn't. At the end of the 2x
: Charger room there were those stairs that led to the corridor with the
: broken-down wall. Couldn't you have just gone back up those stairs from
: the other direction to get to the double charger?

: Anyways, yeah, this scenario is clearly Evil. ;)

: Vale,
: Perseus

Maybe a minor one, but at 31:42 I was thinking that you could have saved a lot of ammo by waking up that Devlin lurking in the staircase and getting it and the cyborg to fight each other.

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