On Gheritt White
Posted By: LokalDate: 7/9/14 6:01 a.m.

I dont know if anyone mentioned this before, but to get to Gheritt White terminal on Never Burn Money you go through room marked "deprivation chamber" and the story from the term does sound like something experienced by person undergoing sensory deprivation (for example by being put in a room with no gravity, no light, no sound and right temperature, where he just "floats six feet off the floor").
I think that passage "his eyes burned with the flames of dying fire" could be interpreted as rather accurate description of phenomenon known as "prisoner's cinema" which manifests itself during prolonged exposure to complete darkness. Other hallucinations, which may result from sensory deprivation, such as auditory, proprioceptive (flattened hands, arms joined at wrists), paresthesia (tingling), out-of-body experience and possibly distorted perception of time (it's quite unlikely for someone to float for three weeks without eating or drinking not to mention other bodily functions) also seem to be described.

One more thing. Notion of cell doors opening and closing on anyone who trying to go through awfully reminds me of cell doors on By Committee http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=62209.

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On Gheritt WhiteLokal 7/9/14 6:01 a.m.
     Re: On Gheritt Whitepoena.dare 7/11/14 2:29 a.m.

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