Re: Foe Hammer
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 6/24/14 9:36 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Foe Hammer (Narcogen)

: Yeah, sorry about that. I took the Story Page's advice there a bit too
: seriously-- although again, from the video, it seems that either coop mode
: or the coop script breaks something there so that you don't get teleported
: back.

Did you try moving around a little? I think I remember I had to try moving around before I would actually get teleported out.

: I think the terminal we missed is the one where Tycho warns us about Blake?
: Plus there's a joke one about Greg...

Actually, you missed one from Durandal, an earlier one that you specifically said was a Tycho terminal just based on the texture. It's the one you would've teleported to if that whole vacuum thing had worked out properly.

: Really? I swear they fired first.

Actually, I never saw them fire anywhere near you guys. They were focusing all their attention on the S'pht, which would be because those are their only enemies on this level. So, yeah, you were the aggressors and they never wanted to shoot at you - same thing goes for the BoBs on the next level, just so you know.


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