Re: Tour of Duty: Carroll Street Station
Posted By: MartinDate: 4/14/14 10:42 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Tour of Duty: Carroll Street Station (PerseusSpartacus)

: It's funny, I hadn't really thought of the first Tycho timeline being a
: victory for Durandal, mainly because Tycho seemed so self-certain all the
: way to the very end, yet in a way I suppose Durandal did win - K'lia
: returned, and with it, the S'pht'Kr, and with them, certain death for the
: Pfhor.

: Anyways, great write-up! I loved the opening couple paragraphs - very nice
: style, very humorous and very well-written. I suppose I shall have to
: learn from that!

Heh, nice to hear, cheers. I was going for something a bit different, something more befitting the cyclical world endings we seem to be destined to observe. Along with, of course, a healthy dose of references.

Indeed, Confound Delivery felt like a loss for everyone, but I guess the main thing is that Tycho was prepared to use the trih xeem to win. The actual circumstances are confusing: Tycho's ship was crippled, but subsequently it "sunk in its fangs", Durandal's compiler network was rampant, and Tycho was sending us in to fight alongside his Troopers. We took off because of the trih xeem thing, but then we had the opportunity to view the final moments. Are we to assume that the intervening time went without our being in the timeline? Or was it just that the us that actually belonged to that timeline took over again? Aie Mak Sicur was like his Ne Cede Malis, the start of his infinite adventure?

We've only ever just followed instructions, nothing we can't entrust to another version of us. The other big question is how Naw Man He's Close relates to that "earlier" Tycho timeline. It seems like perhaps Tycho got onto Durandal's ship sooner, as there is no mention of K'lia or Thoth, and yet otherwise the story picks up pretty much where it left off!

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