having previously experienced something...
Posted By: yacoDate: 4/1/14 2:52 p.m.

the Déjà Vu page only mentions "There are many scenes of déjà vu in Marathon Infinity. Not least the three Electric Sheep levels. Get caught in the loop and you start out over again." and then shows a comment about Star Trek TNG (which sounds curiously similar to the movie "Groundhog Day").

considering all of us keep repeating jokes about remembering something, as if it were from an old dream..., i'm sure we can do a lot better than that.

so i went on a quest to find déjà vus, fuzzy memories, suspicious connections and the like. some of these may be a bit of a stretch, but i thought it better to write them down and let them be dissected :)

Oddly , this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember...
-- Marathon Manual, p. 4
haven't even played the first level and we're already in déjà vu land. i've never seen any discussion about this either... what exactly could we be remembering? we're about to open the door to a new adventure, maybe this is reminds our reincarnated soul or resurrected body about a pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula?

the room flickered and tore, bending into somewhere else: ~~~ffs`~~~~f~~~[system error #25 at _Jackson]~~~~%*|\]~``se which she caused to be consumed by an ashless fire.
-- Never Burn Money (Terminal 4)
if you managed to get to the Gheritt White term, this other one certainly produces a strong sensation of déjà vu. even if the character's gender is wrong, the themes are very similar if not the same, connecting an in-game garbled text term with a seemingly out-of-universe secret term story.

is unreachable or inactive (#2271). if this problem persists contact your system administrator at admin@thermopylae.com
-- Welcome to the Revolution... (Terminal 1)
you read the term fast, get the nagging sensation that something in there reminds you of something you've read before, check again. wait, my sysadmin is from Thermopylae!? but that was more than three hundred years ago... i couldn't have been there, could i??? (i always read this message as coming from the SO's own suit or cyberimplants, an internal error reply to his failed attempt to contact Leela).

(almost everywhere in Marathon Infinity!)
lots of déjà vu situations during the 'normal' levels in Infinity, since we're reliving overlapping timelines. Toth's activation, 'killing' Durandal, the dam, etc. then we have the Electric Sheep levels, all the same but all different. then the dream levels, all different but with continuing stories. and then the three fragmentary versions of Aye Mak Sicur, parts of the same giant map we will see finally (and for the pfhorth time!) in the last level of the game.

self willed the peril of a thousand fates
find yourself
starting back
-- Ne Cede Malis (Terminal 2)
most of the Toth-style terminals in Mi sound recursive to me, saying almost the same thing over and over, always in a different way.

Melancholia, Anger, and Jealousy.
-- Defend THIS! (Terminal 2)
Despair, Rage and Envy.
-- Marathon Infinity chapter screens
i think i started to sense something was odd when i saw the "Rage" chapter screen during my first play of Infinity. checked the Story page and yes, as lots have pointed out the three main sections of Infinity are named with synonyms of the three stages of Rampancy from Marathon. i do like the idea of being a rampant cyber warrior!

another time
another time
-- Electric Sheep Two (Terminal 0)
almost the definition of déjà vu

Sometimes the button only gets you landed right back in the beginning of the maze again, and the food won't satisfy.
-- Eat the Path (Terminal 0)
find the food, push the button, hit the treadmill, find the food, push the button...

I'm getting sick of coming back to hangar ninety six, but there is no avoiding it. This is what my existence needs. My existence is the demise of many others' arms and legs.
ok this one seems more like a recurring nightmare.

Except that you can't remember exactly, is that it?
-- Bagged Again (Terminal 0)
here is Tycho spelling it out for us. we're the déjà vu masters. but how does he know?

(Blam!) (Ouch!) (Aaaaarrrrgghhh!) "Damned #%*@!ng pfhorlings..." [breathe a couple of times, press tab with shaky fingers...] "OK. here we go again..."
-- all of us, a thousand times, a thousand deaths.
yep this is the mother of all déjà vus. getting killed and trying again, and again, and again. same narrow corridor, same crushing platform, same lonely loon singing far away, but it's never exactly the same, until we achieve one more small victory and teleport out... to find ourselves again in the same situation a couple of months or years later... ~*addic7ed&&&%


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having previously experienced something...yaco 4/1/14 2:52 p.m.
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