Marathon Infinity quotes
Posted By: yacoDate: 3/31/14 6:42 a.m.

third time's the charm: Infinity quotes. lots more than before, probably because i love abstract / surreal / poetic text. what's your favorite?

dumb stone unknowning alone

We can see your fate countless times.

the dark reflection of ~self
seeping through
my maze of mirrors my circus glass

like blades touching my feet
the waves motion in the wind

atmosphere surfing

Blood Tides of Lh'owon

It was as if the universe had forgotten its own rules.

this new chaos is entirely terrible, mindless, obeying rules that I don't comprehend. And it is hungry.

thousands are sailing
the same self the only self

the peril of a thousand fates

find yourself
starting back

Bugs are so obedient.

Hamlet and his uncle, only I'm not crazy.

Leave the strategizing to those of use with planet-sized brains.


conditioned unit 7

There’s nothing on Lh’owon but ghosts.

Remind me to have you entered for the next round of scheduled executions.

^38111fndsftcnscns now
^38111embcrdbrdsid beat
^38111fndsftcnscns it

and spared the dance of forever

Seven hundred and sixty one armless and legless corpses float inconspicuously around the inside of hangar ninety six.

but how often are there seven hundred and sixty one armless and legless corpses in one hangar?

Great Mother crouched behind the Throne, I make this wrong right.

Then we go atmosphere surfing.

You might also want to spend a few seconds thinking about explosions and small spaces.


The S'pht life form is a pearl of consciousness, floating in the sea of its own species.


Congratulations can wait until we are at minimum safe distance.

I'll give them something to think about.

when one of the broken nest where the yellow trees sing seems like a nebulon to a drinniol, then the wrestling of six for nine things which get you stuff will be a shoot in spring, growing under the bed boards.

Your psychotronic profile indicates high levels of destructive impulse, which may be why I find you so much fun to keep around--my own psychotronic profile is, well, never mind about that now...

I'll speak slowly so you understand:
No smash--no teleport.
Are we connecting all the dots?
Good. Now move out.

Geriatric circuits, can't use 'em.

dream ahead beyond the falling path

another time
another time

I can see the pantomime of good and evil continue

(I did this and could have stopped it.)

damn the damned
and pure alike.

my last line written
my last thought my own!

Prepare to drink vacuum, fool.

Thank you, old friend.


What to save and throw away?

pr?Contents under pressure?Do not expose to excessive heat, vacuum, blunt trauma, immersion in liquids, disintegration, reintegration, hypersleep, humiliation, sorrow or harsh language?

pr?When the time comes, whose life will flash before yours?

the burning air

dream the dream beyond life and self

find the new way

not held

not forgotten
not lost
unlost found

dark dreaming carries all

You are in a maze in a maze, but which one counts?

Existence is simple: find the food, push the button, hit the treadmill.

There is only one path and that is the path that you take, but you can take more than one path.

Cross over the cell bars, find a new maze, make the maze from it's path, find the cell bars, cross over the bars, find a maze, make the maze from its path, eat the food, eat the path.

The world is not a good place, nor is there innocence for me to hide in.

Does the light justify the destruction of the candle?

I happen to suspect you're carrying Durandal's final gift in that soggy little skull-his primal pattern.

magnetic seals and coils prohibited
observe radio silence at all times

the long sleep ends

ref: rogue conditioned unit
stamp: containment

like as like our hidden one

terminal 21
coil hot, standby transport
malaport grounds enforcement

Science Officer 2nd Class I'ii'ich (Willful) humbly request reassignment.

the long sleep ends

we are whole again
and even more

origin: upset tycho
destin: bad bad unit
ref: doing bad things
stamp: retribution

Do you know what kind of hat I'm wearing?


fate bright dark light

you and we are one


overthought unravel

two forces in balance
ancient endless balance
then nothing

To you, we are deeply grateful, and release what little hold we might, as Durandal, have had on your soul.

We've watched while the stars burned out, and creation played in reverse.
The universe freezing in half light.

you were dead a thousand times.
grafted to machines your builders did now understand.

when all become one.
One moment left.
One point of space and time.
I know who you are.
You are Destiny.



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