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Posted By: NarcogenDate: 3/22/14 11:28 p.m.

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: Well, in brief on those: 1. Have fun running around collecting ammo and
: killing things :).
: 2. Note the location of the switch that opens the door hiding the 2x charger.
: I don't suppose you'll be hanging around too long, but I imagine your
: oxygen refills when you die, so 2x could still be useful to have. Also,
: remember to keep moving after you teleport to the panel rooms, just so
: that it looks smoother :D. You'll have the shotguns and plenty of ammo
: from Aie Mak Sicur, so go hard!

The guns carry over, but the weapons don't. We have to edit the weapons we pick up into the game with MML scripts, and since these break film playbacks that don't use the exact same copy of the script, I try to update it only after we find major weapons we expect to hold onto and don't bother with editing in ammo. So it's going to be better than a straight up scratch start, but not as good as playing right through from Aie Mak Sicur.

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