What about the bomb?
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 12/11/13 7:45 a.m.

I replayed M1 recently and I got the BOB-B-Q success message for the first time in my life (because I changed the skill to kindergarten before entering it =P). The surviving crew informs Leela that the pfhor are bringing in a "cylindrical object" she suspects is an explosive.

So supposedly, the mission of Shake Before Using is to prevent them from detonating this bomb. But I believe it's possible that this level is just another one of Durandal's intercepts through Leela's failing systems to make you play another one of his games (she's not present in the map and Durandal taunts you throughout). On FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE, in Leela's dying breath, she writes instructions to Durandal for defending the ship, which includes sending Mjollnir unit 54 to deactivate the bonmb, which suggests the problem hasn't been resolved yet.

After that, Durandal plays some more games with you, makes you get the alien energy converter, sends you to Neither High Nor Low to get the SPNKR rocket launcher, then sends you on missions to the pfhor ship until the S'pht overrun it and he transfers himself onto it.

So what about that bomb? By M2 the Marathon has been fully sacked by the pfhor, so they never used it. But it doesn't seem like it was ever removed, either. I read the story page about it a long time ago, the best explanation I got out of that is the buttons that make those cylinder lifts cycle up and down in shake before using has something to do with the bomb. But the thing about that level is it just happens to be the only M1 non-pfhor ship map with an exit polygon instead of an exit terminal. You can just leave by doing the minimum of what's necessary to reach the polygon.

Was the bomb deactivated in Colony Ship For Sale? Is that what the seven pillars puzzle is?

And, uh, just because I want an excuse to say it: Somebody set up us the bomb.

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