Re: Organizing my thoughts on the Jjaro
Posted By: NordevaiDate: 9/30/13 11:58 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Organizing my thoughts on the Jjaro (PerseusSpartacus)

: Actually, this is quite new - a massive expansion on some good old
: brainstorming on the part of Marathon junkies like you and me. It's
: totally different from what I expected, and yet it makes some amount of
: sense. After all, when did we get the explicit idea that the Pthia and
: Jjaro were different races? Furthermore, it explains much better the anger
: incited within the Jjaro by the Pthia's destruction. It's the reason we
: have restrictions on what weapons are exactly "humane"; it's why
: we try people for war crimes. The mass destruction of our fellow humans by
: other people simply irks and disgusts us. Now imagine if the destruction
: was caused by outside beings (aka Aliens of some kind). We'd go mad, maybe
: start breaking their stuff, sort of Independence Day-esque. Same for the
: Jjaro. The other "you"s have just been wiped out, and you have
: the potential to strike back. What do you do? Generally, you strike back.

I'm glad you managed to see my point, I was a bit concerned that what I posted would come out a garbled mess.

While this fits, one counterpoint to the theory is that it applies to the Yrro/Pthia lover thing as well. If Pthia was Yrro's lover, its perfectly reasonable to imagine Yrro being furious, taking his frustrations and despair out on the Spht, and eventually falling to depression and sorrow. One thing that always bothers me about that is why is there just the two of them? What happened to the other Jjaro? There stations and facilities are pretty much everywhere. Is it possible they just remained while the others moved on to the outside?

Just seems a bit off to me. I guess i just like the thought of the Jjaro not being the super advance all seeing race that we think them as. That they might have not been as old of the W'rkncacnter, and at the end of there existence they where just beginning to understand and combat these cosmic entitys.

: I-- you-- woah. Okay, in all honesty, I had thought that my little theory on
: the Jjaro and Pthia had already faded into the eternal halls of crazy
: theories. Now suddenly you revive it quite suddenly, and I can't help but
: smile and maybe dance a tiny mental jig.

: Vale,
: Perseus

Glad I made your day, of sorts. I check back here every now and then and browse through the old post. For once it wasn't a post of Forrests that got me thinking this time!

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