Fuxource Success! (was: Fux! To MML -- Utillity?)
Posted By: AntarcticoDate: 8/30/13 11:16 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Fux! To MML -- Utillity? (Antarctico)

: Yeah, I saw found this too. It won't hurt to try it out, but it is so old
: (2000), plus the description makes me wonder if the output will be
: anything Aleph One will know what to do with: A tool for migrating
: changes made with Fux! back to the source code. Now your customized M2 or
: Infinity conversion can benefit easily from the advances in the Open
: Source builds!
: Maybe it's just bad Swede-glish? ;)

Well hell, I tried it out and it works just dandy! Assuming MML circa 2001 will be understood by Aleph One circa 2013, I should be basically good to go. Bo Lindbergh sure knew his stuff! :)

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