Tour of Duty - Nuke and Pave
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 8/21/13 10:54 a.m.

08 - Nuke and Pave

Last time on Tour of Duty, Martin encountered F'lickta once more, handled Troopers with dual Pistols, plugged a virus into the Pfhor computer net, and set an Easy-chair outside a Cathedral. Busy days!

The name. Greg describes it thusly:

"This level had a last minute name change because I love this phrase and i was afraid to let anyone else hear it. Of course, it's a quote from Nixon... He said something like, "we can nuke that country and pave it over" referring to Vietnam."

However, PGBS ( pgbs@istar.ca) says that the quote came not from Nixon, but instead from Reagan before he became president:

"We should declare war on North
Vietnam.... We could pave the whole
country and put parking strips on it, and
still be home by Christmas."

Then again, Bungie did always have trouble with Latin. ;)

We start this level at the top of two stairways with two Pattern Buffers. These Pattern Buffers both have breakable panels on either side of them; destroying these will deactivate the Pattern Buffers, so don't destroy them. Of course, Vidmasters might like to make a point of destroying them just to prove they won't save their game, but not everyone's a Vidmaster, right?

Heading down the stairs a little, you'll find that there's a Trooper at the bottom. Firing at him will activate a group of Drones - but these aren't ordinary Drones. Say 'Hello' to the Possessed Drone, the product of plugging that virus from last level into the Garrison Computer Net. They seem tougher and more powerful than any of the other Drones, and above all, they're friendly to you and hostile to the Pfhor. A sort of inversion of the mad MADDs from Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones.

Remember in this room with the stairs that heading down on the left side is easier than heading down on the right side: the right side has a gap in it that drops into lava, and even though there's a lift just a polygon away if you fall down, it's better to not have to deal with that in any case. Of course, this is even more important when heading back up than when heading down, but in any case, it's better to use the gap-less stairs.

Before continuing, let's orient ourselves:

What? I said orient, not orientalize!

No! Stop! Give me the map, the map!

STOP! The map guide!

There, that's better. ;)

Heading out the door at the bottom of the stairs leads to a large room with a river of lava in the middle. There's several Troopers on the other side, along with one or two Cyborgs and another Trooper on this side and some non-Possessed Drones coming out of the lava river. The other door on this side is locked for now, so we have to jump across the river on the right side to get anywhere.

There's three doors here. Taking the north or east ones both take you to the same room, which contains some baddies, some Possessed Drones, and a 2x Shield Charger. The ledges above are inaccessible from here, so we'll have to take the South door. This leads us to a set of ledges overlooking another part of the lava river, with Possessed Drones duking it out with some Troopers and some ordinary Drones. A little further along, we come to a ledge overlooking an area with a bunch more Possessed Drones, Troopers, and Cyborgs. Did I mention the Possessed Drones? :)

There's another area similar to this before we come out on a ledge that leads to a large platform, which leads to another, higher ledge. Following this all the way around leads to point A on the map above, where there's a 2x Shield Charger and what looks like a 1x Shield Charger. Now why put a 1x next to a 2x? Wouldn't everyone use the 2x and ignore the 1x? Exactly. Be experimentative - try the supposed 1x! Doing so will reveal that it's actually a 3x Shield Charger, the first of the game. Time to start tearing into those Pfhor with a vengeance, I'd say!

As of yet, we haven't seen even a single terminal. This is actually because the entire goal of the level is just that: find a terminal. All of the terminals on this level (the Marathon Story Page says there's three, but my map says there's only one; probably the result of my trusting the Spoiler Guide when I ought not to) will teleport you out, and they all show the same message.

This level is too strange to understand in a write-up - you have to play it, or it's just impossible to make head or tail of it. Call me lazy, but I'll just focus on the secret and getting to the terminal. At point D on the map above, there's a platform that only activates once you've destroyed a breakable panel later in the level (though unfortunately I don't remember where that is exactly). Returning to this platform will allow you to jump across to a raised area with an Invincibility and an Invisibility powerup. Interesting that Bungie would place two contradictory powerups so close to each-other (Invincibilty overrides Invisibility, no matter what order you pick the two up in).

To get to this platform and to the rest of the level, you have to drop down from the high ledge to a lower central one. There's another platform (this time official rather than secret) leading down just south of point D. I can't be sure, but I think I remember that standing on the platform as it heads up will actually crush you. In any case, you only need to ride it down, which takes you to a room with stairs just a short jump across lava away. This takes you to a room with four (!) doors. I believe there's some breakable panels in here, which may include the one for the platform at point D on the map. There's also a few enemies here and no Possessed Drones, so be careful.

Heading a little further south will lead you to a ledge across from one of the earlier ones overlooking the room that had all the Possessed Drones, Cyborgs and Troopers in it. A few more enemies will teleport in as you pass some right-triangle-like niches. This ends in a small ledge overlooking the southern part of the lava river from the start and a door leading to a room with some more Possessed Drones and a fair number of Cyborgs. It may seem like you can't get anywhere from here, but at point B there's a switch that you have to shoot. Somewhere on this level there has to be a Fusion Pistol or Assault Rifle, but for some reason my memory is failing me! As you can see, a write-up isn't any good: you have to play the level yourself.

Anyways, the switch opens a door in some niches on the northern wall of this room, leading to a platform. This takes you to the final room, which is surprisingly empty of enemies. There's just a terminal here:

Another weird spelling of the name [?Bernard?Bernhard?Berhnard] - a bit like the
conspiracy, I'd say. This terminal also hints a bit more at our being a Cyborg. After all, why would Bernard be scared of us if we were just normal?

Had he only known that it carried also all of the destructive
knowledge of mankind. Ten cyborgs.



P.S. - Yes, I know I absolutely sucked on this write-up. You don't need to reprimand me for it, but I would still understand if you did. I'm certain I'll do better next time; it's just this level is so confusing and hard to rememer that I'm powerless to avoid sucking. I don't even know if my description of how to get to the final terminal is accurate - I somehow remember having to go through that locked door near the start, but I can't remember how that figured into this. Oh well. Feel free to give me a vote of no confidence.

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