Re: Tour of Duty - What About Bob?
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 8/16/13 8:11 p.m.

In Response To: Tour of Duty - What About Bob? (Martin)

: On the right, sneakily coming up from behind a wall, is us (?)
: seemingly holding a Pfhor shock staff, which we never acquire in-game
: outside of Marathon Evil. Curious!

Don't forget Eternal! The Pfhor Staff in there was absolutely terrific; a whole lot better than any of the other weapons, by far!

: Dead BoBs are handy especially to the scratchstarter, and
: here they even start leaving their magnums when they die, which is fine by
: me, seeing as we could have acquired a second one on Charon.

Yes, dead BoBs are very useful. So do them a favor: make them dead a whole lot quicker! I always try to kill the pink ones as fast as possible, just to be on the safe side.

: Because only you would survive the fall ....

What a shame there's no fall damage in Marathon. Then again, if there was, we couldn't have such freaky things as the massive drops on Thrud (at least I think it was Thrud).

: The lift takes us up out of the lava,
: and delivers us to an ammo stash and a single Fighter in wait Ė a small
: price to pay, but one needs to be pretty healthy to survive the ordeal on
: TC.

Indeed. If you scratch-start this level on Normal, I think it's basically impossible to find this secret - you actually need to be playing on Kindergarten (or maybe just Easy; can't be sure exactly) or have kept most of your 2x health from last level. I guess that explains why we found a 2x charger so early in the game!

: So, Pfhor take showers? Kind of hard to imagine Ö especially
: for those in armour.

I don't think we even want to imagine Pfhor taking showers! Then again, Durandal could have just been making a point.

: Anyway, these BoBs are dead,
: so they donít need the magazines; mind you we donít really either, unless
: scratchstarting :).

Blasphemy! The unofficial part of the Vidmaster's oath is to grab all ammunition, even if you never use it! If it means we have to grenade climb to a teleporter way up high on a wall (see a certain level titled Never Burn Money), so be it - it's your duty! Now start grabbing those magazines!

: Now to brace for corrections from PS :).

No corrections this time - you were spot on. I would include a random picture of someone with a thumbs up (I know anyone on the Pfhorums would - *hint hint*), but I'm afraid I'm just not energetic enough. So instead I'll just say one word: Durability. ;)


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