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Posted By: MartinDate: 8/1/13 7:04 p.m.

In Response To: Tour of Duty - Welcome to the Revolution... (PerseusSpartacus)

: Also, can you find what's most interesting about that Fighter? Something to
: do with what he breathes, perchance? ;)

What I find odd about it is the compiler is red and the fighter green!

: Oh wow, Durandal's leaving? What a shame. We were just starting to have so
: much fun together... Or not. In any case, Leela's returning, it seems. So
: why was Bungie seemingly implying she would be assimilated on Shake
: Before Using ? Very strange.

Yes we are clearly not important enough to Durandal at this point. Fickle AI. Well we can look forward to hearing from Leela again - maybe the S'pht have the power to release a mind from assimilation? At least an AI: computer terminals always were the S'Pht specialty.

: In addition to the Terminal in front of us, there's a Pattern Buffer behind
: us - thank god! There's also some ammo for the Assault Rifle, which will
: actually come in handy later even if you're scratch-starting this level
: (bodes well, eh?). Finally, two doors. One goes left (relative to the way
: we start) and one goes right. It's probably worth it to always go right.
: When you do, you'll find a massive room with a sort of narrow ledge
: running through a ton of lava and several raised ledges filled with Pfhor.
: A bunch of S'pht Compilers will activate and start fighting the Pfhor,
: creating a nice image of the S'pht beginning to rebel:

That is nice. As I've said elsewhere, once through that door was enough for me. And if I don't open it, are there really Pfhor behind it that need killing!?

: The large room with the walkway in the lava is in the south-east corner of
: the map. The door we're now going to go through actually goes 'north' as
: you can see. It leads to a room with a small walkway and a pillar that's
: partly immersed in lava. You'll probably start wondering what to do, and
: after going back over what you've seen already (and probably saving your
: game again), you may start trying to jump into the lava and see what you
: can find. Eventually you'll find that on the other side of the pillar is a
: 1x Shield Charger and a switch.

Indeed, we know from Habe Quidsam to never take an innocent pillar for granted! I like the stair puzzle here, but man what a way to have to access a massive cargo area!

: If you head up the elevator, you'll find an Assault Rifle, a bunch of ammo,
: and a 3x Shield Charger. I would advise heading back to the Pattern Buffer
: from the start, saving the game, and going to look for this level's only
: secret. Remember that room with the lava you saw earlier, but didn't jump
: into? Jump into it.

Nice writeup of this. I'm surprised a grenade is all you need for that secret term, it still looks too high to me.

: Once you finish reading the secret terminal, you can jump off the raised
: bridge and fall back into the corridor you entered this secret area from,
: allowing you to return to the 3x Charger and continue from there. The rest
: of the level is fairly simple, consisting of a bunch of rooms full of
: Troopers, Hunters, and Compilers. There are two raised switches that you
: have to hit, which open two different doors to the final room.
: Interestingly, some of the Compilers will fail to activate:

-Still- sleepy!

: This only happened once, but I'm sure it could happen again. In any case,
: after opening at least one of the two doors (though I usually open both),
: you can proceed to the final room, which has an interesting little puzzle
: to solve:

And it is not the last time we'll see this kind of puzzle! At least two levels in Infinity borrow ideas from it. But neither has the wonderfully industrial look of these lifts, well befitting a cargo store. But the puzzle ... again, what an inconvenient way of having to access something. The Marathon really could have used some ladders!

: It's fairly clear this is a cargo area, thus explaining the high ammo
: presence (but not the excessive amounts of lava). Why we ended up here is
: confusing, though. Does Durandal want us to finish the Pfhor here? Does he
: want to let us stock up on ammo again? In any case, we're leaving this
: dump, and heading to meet a more interesting cast on Try Again ...

It could just be that this is one of the last places on the ship that we haven't blasted our way through. And interestingly, Try again has no S'Pht. A shame. Wouldn't mind seeing rebelling compilers having a go at a Jug!

: P.S. - Martin, this is your cue.

I take your cue, add some chalk, and sink the black ... and the white. Dammit!

I'm sorry, Martin cannot be reached right now. Try again tomorrow :).

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