Begging For Mercy...
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 7/22/13 7:58 a.m.

...Makes Me Confused!

On the level 'Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry!', we finally see (and promptly destroy) an AI core (namely that of Durandal). What's strange is that as far as we know, there were no AIs on board the Sfiera (which Durandal now calls the Boomer) before Durandal transferred himself there - at least not of any real complexity or significance (if I can recall, before capturing Tycho, the Pfhor understanding of Artificial Intelligence was terribly limited).

So how is there an 'AI core' aboard the ship? If there wasn't one there before (and considering the lack of a major AI, we can assume there wasn't), why would there be one now? Durandal didn't seem to need one, as he simply transferred himself over to the Sfiera as soon as the S'pht were in control:

Our most pressing concern is for the ship and her crew, but I
feel compelled to share with you that Durandal has left the
ship. I can find him nowhere on our network, and traffic logs
over the last half hour show sixty-four billion exobytes
transferred off of and deleted from the Marathon.
- Try Again (Term. 3, 'Finished')

If Durandal didn't need an AI core, and there weren't any when the Sfiera was captured (presumably), then why would there be one now?

Or is it an AI core at all?

Yes, yes - questions, questions. But what of the Tru7h? ;)


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