Re: Tour of Duty - No Artificial Colors
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 7/17/13 5:12 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tour of Duty - No Artificial Colors (Martin)

: Re the raised pattern buffer, I think it is there because there is a raised
: platform with a charger I think, on the netmap with similarly arranged
: columns. That's all I've got. Had forgotten there was a SPNKR on the
: level, ensuring you can reach that pattern buffer from a scratch start.
: Maybe an alternative destination idea for that teleporter?

Interesting thoughts. Both of your ideas certainly seem quite plausible.

: Another encounter with a covert charger, after the Shake Before Using's
: active behind a barrier one. In both cases I think use is well fair
: enough, but they are also both quite strange. As is that platform method
: of getting into the adjoining big room in this case; as you say, the
: teleporter makes much more sense!

Interestingly, it would seem the walkway that was supposed to take us across jams up a short ways into activation. I wonder what Durandal was laughing about? :)

: The random area with the sim pack and ultimately the teleporter to ammotown
: is definitely one of those places where having played before makes the
: world of difference! Last run for me I just made a beeline for the
: teleporter and left the pfhor and sims to sort themselves out!

Blasphemy! You allowed Pfhor and Simulacrums to live? If it was real BoBs, I would understand, but Sims? Unacceptable! You shall rectify this issue immediately or else face an eternity spent in Hangar Ninety Six! ;)

: Durandal clearly has no issue with your killing all the bobs; perhaps it is
: the case that in the end he just gives up on Bernhard because we are so
: bad at finding people and leaving them alive :). Now back to the pfhor
: ship to a level that was truly painful on an LCIII back in the day - frame
: rates are important when trying to jump on a platform in the middle of a
: slime pit. Speaking of which, it was nice to see last level that you were
: quite happy with differently coloured lava :D.

Truth be told, I'm perfectly happy with green slime. We don't really know what it's supposed to be, and so how can we say it's improbable? After all, this green slime is like nothing we know of on Earth. It very well could be some weird kind of radioactive fuel, considering that merely jumping over it deals damage.

Also, I only discovered that room on Unpfhorgiven with the platform immersed in green slime today, after using the Flamethrower to jump from one raised accessway overlooking the exit room to another. A very strange element, but very useful.


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