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As of creating this profile I'm 25 years old. Spent many, many hours in the Marathon universe even if I didn't understand most of the words shown to me, not being an English native speaker, but mesmerized nevertheless. Such is the narrative power of this game/s?/.

I have spent so many hours trying to decipher the twisted narrative of Infinity, too young to remember the plot of the first too games, too naive to understand it. I have dreamt for many nights the moment I joined a collective session of carnage, not being able to spread that wilfulness among my peers.

I come back, to my lost clan, ten years later, having acquired enough linguistic knowledge to fully appreciate this game's deep narrative, eager to join the ranks of the conditioned, the rogue. Some will say I'm mad, /rampant?/, but I am, indeed, drunk. As such, I am surprised I didn't commit any orthographic mistakes.

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