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I've haunted the forums off and on but have always been an avid 'Thoner. I've had a scenario in the works for a bunch of years but at the moment is in stasis. The website has some stuff on that, and if you want to find some of the chapter screens poke around in ori.deviantart.com.
I always go by the same name, so I am the Ori who played AO online for a while(until I lost all my storage space and can't even hold the game anymore)and the same Ori who occasionaly writes apparently disgruntled letters to scenarionews(and much less known Ori who has some ridiculous fan art on the source.borg page)
Been a marathon addict since even before I was a macaddict, and I can't even remember how long that addiction has been plauging me. And thats Ori. Glad to know you, or I'm glad you know me now since I don't really know who you are. Why are you reading about me anyway? And looking at the text with that funny gleam in your eye?

Meet my Foehammer and eat it, Vid Boi.

Jade Incursion

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