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I'm a Marathon fan. I am. It all started when I got my first computer, at 13, the allmighty Mac Performa 600. It was a second-hand computer - with some interesting files on it preinstalled... those included Marathon. No one in my family seemed to like it but me alone. I played the game for weeks. I loved it. My monitor was dark so I always had to darken my room's curtains too in order to have a good blast. The game was great.

The story really got to me. I imagined Marathon being it's own world inside my computer. I play Marathon even today in any way possible - Aleph One on my PC, original Marathon trilogy with Phate's Basilisk II emulator... its awesome. Some people think Doom's the best game there is.. but they never had a Mac - they dont know shit.

As for me.. I'm a club-night person. Hard Trance, Hard Club and all those genres of music are what I enjoy. I also possess Halo's soundtrack CD and Marathon's music remakes. One day I'd like to share a drink or 2 with Jason Jones and shake Hamish's hand for providing such tremendous online infopack.

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