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We are pleased to announce the launching of the Web Site:

At this Web Site http://www.jerusalem-4thtemple.org , the Book-On-Line The Temple of Solomon could not stand on its Water Tower (300 pages in English with underground maps), provides the following documentation and data :

-a/ all the documentation of ancient texts concerning the exacting rites of purification in the Jewish Temple by immersion of the body of the High Priest and Priests in the bath-mikweh of living purifying waters, conveyed by aqueduct from the springs of Etam, and without the use of any recipient.
-b/ all the precise mathematics data of the 19th century archaeologists who have been the only scientists ever allowed to study the Haram rocky underground hydraulic system invented by the Priests and engineers of King Solomon in order to comply with the Biblical prescriptions concerning the rites of purification in the Sanctuary.

A meticulous cross examination of the elevation of the levels above the sea of all parts of this unified and dynamic hydraulic System makes absolutely IMPOSSIBLE, altogether gravitationally, hydraulically and religiously, that the Temple of Jerusalem could have ever stood on the site of the Haram (Esplanade of the Mosques).
The Temple of Solomon could only stand downstream of its water tower which had been dug in the rocky entrails of the ancient Jewish citadel overlooking and protecting the Sanctuary, the site of which is nowadays occupied by the Haram of the Muslims who have jealously kept intact and engraved in the rock, the irrefutable archaeological proofs of the vanished reality.

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